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In the U. S, there is a lot of controversy about gun control laws. There are protests, arguments, and laws that not many agree with because it does not support their Second Amendment rights. What truly did the Founding Fathers mean by the Guns control essay Amendment?

Pro-gun supporters believe it was meant for individuals to have access to guns while gun control supporters believe it was for trained officials. Guns control essay people are trying to find a solution on how it should be interpreted today. This has been a controversial issue that has been ongoing for decades, provoking arguments to be made both for and against gun control. One controversy is see more the Second Amendment is interpreted by the people who support gun ownership.

Gun ownership supporters take the Second Amendment as a right for civilians to be able to possess guns for protection. Many who are pro-gun believers in this country believe that the 2nd Amendment is their human right and if it is taken away from them, they are giving power to the government to take control of everything.

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The people should have guns especially when it benefits them in times of crisis and should be able to privately own a firearm, not just militias. Some examples of home and school massacres include, the Sandy Hook shooting killing 20 children and 6 adults, the shooting at Virginia Tech killing 32 guns control essay, home invasions etc. The esswy responders are the victims who are already there, students and teachers and family themselves. When incidents like these occur and get out of control, people should be able to defend themselves.

guns control essay

It will make their community, schools, and homes a safer place to live. Unfortunately, by the time officials get to the crime scene, it is already too late. It guns control essay funs have been prevented if individuals had their guns in their possession. The government should allow the people to be able to protect themselves if there are ways. Their right to own guns is part of the second amendment and they will continue to fight for gun rights for protection.

guns control essay

Gun ownership supporters find that if there are stricter gun control or banned firearms in the U. S, it would cause a lot of chaos. The government would be fixing one issue but would be creating more or bigger guns control essay because of stricter gun control. Regardless of whether there are stricter gun laws for citizens, people will figure out other alternatives to obtain a gun illegally. Now if only criminals had the possession of weapons, innocent people who are being attacked will not have any protection or self-defense.

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Additionally, this will cause individuals to obtain a firearm illegally since they cannot get one legally. Thus, illegal gun trade would increase guns control essay, regardless if laws get stricter there are always going to be methods for criminals and such people to obtain weapons with or without permission.

Plus, those who would commit a crime using firearms would have no background check and officials will still not be able to figure out who was the one that committed the crime. The strict countries like the UK and ban their weapons still have high crime rates because they also illegally get guns control essay from Europe. They also have the second highest overall crime rate in the European Union. InBritain had a violent link rate nearly five times higher than the United States vs.

In other words, they are saying gun control will not work.

guns control essay

As some interpret this, back then it was the state militias who were in control of firearms before the Civil War. However, now that time has passed, there is the military force Marines, Army, Air Force or trained officials police officers should be the ones in control.]

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