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Inuranium mining under the U. On August 1,the responsibility for atomic science and technology was transferred from the military to the United States Atomic Energy Commission. Afterward, widespread uranium mining began on Navajo and Lakota lands in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Large uranium deposits health effects of uranium mining hea,th on and near the Navajo Reservation in the Southwestand these were developed through the 20th century. Absent much environmental regulation prior to the founding of the Environmental Protection Agency in and passage of related laws, the mining endangered thousands of Navajo workers, as well as producing contamination that has persisted in adversely affecting air and water quality, and contaminating Navajo lands.

Naturally occurring and man-made contaminants

Private companies hired thousands of Navajo men uranihm work the uranium mines. Disregarding the known health risks of exposure to uranium, the private companies and the United States Atomic Energy Commission failed to inform the Navajo workers about the dangers and to regulate the mining to minimize contamination. As more data was collected, they were slow to take appropriate action for the workers.

Inthe U. Public Health Service began a human testing experiment on Navajo miners, without their informed consent, during the federal government's study of the long term health effects from radiation poisoning. The experiment on Navajo mine workers and their families documented high rates of cancers including Xeroderma pigmentosum [1] and health effects of uranium mining diseases which manifested from uranium mining and milling contamination.

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For decades, industry and the government failed to regulate or improve conditions, or inform workers of the dangers. As high rates of illness began to occur, workers were often unsuccessful in court cases seeking compensation, and the states at first did not officially recognize radon illness.

health effects of uranium mining

Inthe US Congress passed the Radiation Exposure Compensation Actto address cases of uranium poisoning and provide needed compensation, but Navajo Nation applicants provide evidence RECA requirements prevent access to necessary compensation. Congressional modifications to RECA application requirements were made inhealth effects of uranium mining were introduced in and in Sincethe Navajo Nation's Abandoned Mine Lands program [3] reclaims mines and cleans mining sites, but significant problems from the legacy of uranium mining and milling persist today on the Navajo Nation and in the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. More than a thousand milgram study video mines have not been contained and cleaned up, and these present environmental and health risks in Navajo communities. The Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act is a United States environmental law that amended the Atomic Energy Act of and authorized the Environmental Protection Agency to establish health and environmental standards for the stabilization, restorationand disposal of uranium mill waste.

health effects of uranium mining

Pressure for uranium mining increased in the postwar years, when the United States developed resources to compete with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The AEC would not mine the uranium; it contracted with private mining companies for the product. The Navajo Nation encompasses portions of ArizonaNew Mexicoand Utahand their reservation was a key area for uranium mining. More than mines were established by leases in the reservation.]

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