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Environment www. Special arrangementSpecial arrangement After the Pink Bloom, an alien flower that choked the Avala Pandi canal at Perambra, yet another invasive species is posing a threat to the biodiversity of waterbodies in the State. This time, it is a cute red-eared slider turtle, a huge hit with pet lovers. A few days ago, Adithyan D. Thambi, a Class 6 student of St. Vincent Pallotthi Central School, Kalathode, got a medium-sized turtle while he was fishing in a canal at Kalathode. Identifying the turtle, an exotic and major invasive species, he alerted the boy and cautioned him against releasing it back to the waterbody. Scientifically called Trachemys scripta elegans, is a favourite of pet lovers because of its small size and colour, noted T. But it grows fast. Hindu turtle hindu turtle

Fiji or Maldives are both island archipelagos close to the equator: Fiji boasts more than islands sprinkled close together in the South Pacific, while the islands of the Maldives are grouped geographically in 26 atolls hindu turtle the Indian Ocean. But how to decide between Fiji or Maldives? Read our guide to Fiji vs Maldives to help you decide which island is hindu turtle for you. There will be lots of personal choices to make regarding privacy, accommodation and dining too. With less crowds, honeymooners will have the pick of the colorful coral reefs, coconut palm-lined sandy beaches and magical waterfalls. Nowhere does it better than the privately owned acre Turtle Island Fiji.

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Honeymooners will enjoy the privacy and seclusion that comes with just 14 beachfront bures — traditional Fijian-style villas with straw roofs — which means just 28 other guests hindu turtle any one time are welcome. Luxury resorts in Fiji offer wedding packages to suit intimate ceremonies or grand occasions with plenty of friends and family.

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The Maldives is fast becoming a hot wedding destination as couples look to tie the knot surrounded by just a few close friends and family. Locations can include overwater pavilions, beach weddings and sandbanks and hindu turtle ceremonies on yachts with the soundtrack the traditional Maldivian Boduberu drummers.

hindu turtle

Activities on the Maldives are focused around world-class hindu turtle and snorkeling, boat trips to outer reefs and tailored spa treatments. However, the more adventurous traveler may be left wanting with no mountains to climb, rainforests to explore or villages to visit. Pack your walking boots for hikes through verdant rainforests, black volcanic cliff tops and fascinating mangroves. Honeymooners will enjoy the privacy of the couples-only villas — which appear to be suspended over tantalizingly clear lagoons — as well as the private infinity pools, butler room service and outdoor showers. Impeccable service accompanies myriad dining options for Maldives honeymoons from barefoot luxury on your villa balcony to private beach dining and even griswold v.connecticut apush restaurants.

Many luxury resorts in Fiji also pay close attention to sustainability, with solar-powered resorts, reforestation and reef regeneration projects hindu turtle using locally grown fruit and vegetables to provide the freshest ingredients for their guests. Fijian resorts score high on service too offering the inimitable warm Fijian welcome they are known and loved for.

Many couples who choose a Fiji hindu turtle Maldives honeymoon return year after year, coming to know the local Fijian resort staff as family.

hindu turtle

One of the most appealing features of Fijian luxury resorts is the option hindu turtle shared dining, bringing couples together to share stories while enjoying food grown on the island or fished nearby, in particular the Fijian feast prepared in an underground oven, called a lovo. You might be wondering how far is Gurtle from Maldives? While both archipelagos are close to the equator, they are not close to one another: Fiji is in the South Hindu turtle while the Maldives is in the Indian Ocean, a whopping 7, miles 11, km away!


From Australia, there are daily direct flights from Sydney, turtke Fiji Airways also operates daily direct flights from Singapore and Auckland, New Zealand. The best time to travel to the Maldives is from November hindu turtle April when the weather is pleasant and there are less tourists resulting in cheaper airfares and accommodation.

February is the driest month and therefore a popular time to visit. Source only 14 couples staying at the resort at any one time, beaches really are secluded spots of paradise.]

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