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This wonderful antique book "The house of the Seven Gables" is a classic that many children read in highschool. Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic tale shed's lite on the actual happenings in Old Salem. It was originally owned by Elizabeth Montgomery who purchased it in an antiquarian book store near the real House of 7 Gables, which was then and is now a museum. During the Salem episodes, she wantedto learn more background on the town and the house, and bought and read this book in between takes, according to a statement during an interview with the star for a new book currently being written on stars who kept props from their films and sitcoms. The book is in nice condition for its age, considering it was printed in As you can see in our many photos here, the inside cover has a name written with a quill pen in beautiful penmanship with scrolls and curves, below the name are his class English 7, Room nd Period 6. There are also yellowing to the top of some pages, also from age and use. But what makes this book valuable is Elizabeth's book plate inside the front cover, with her signature.

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And is one of its proudest. The Gables will open to the public on April 2 — marking yet another historic milestone for a house that has witnessed many. Behind-the-scenes hard work throughout — including upgrades to storage and preservation of the archival collections, a new and improved visitor accounting and management system, revised educational programming, essential fundraising efforts and a robust slate of virtual programs — have all helped to make this springtime re-emergence a genuine cause for celebration. On April 2 visitors can again tour the House of the Seven Gables. Those interested may sign up here starting March This spring each guided tour will be limited to four people. The semi-private tours are designed to comply with state and federal safety guidelines but they have the added benefit of providing guests with a more intimate and exclusive experience. The tours start on the hour and last an hour. The Gables will be open Friday through Monday, from 10 a. House of seven gables author house of seven gables author

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Score: 3. The novel follows a House of seven gables author England family and their ancestral home. This brooding mansion is haunted by a centuries-old curse that casts the shadow of ancestral sin upon the last four members of the distinctive Pyncheon family. Mysterious deaths threaten the living. Musty documents nestle behind hidden panels carrying the secret of the family's salvation--or its downfall. Hawthorne called The House of the Seven Gables "a Romance," and freely bestowed upon it many fascinating gothic touches. A brilliant intertwining of the popular, the symbolic, and the historical, the novel is a powerful exploration of personal and national guilt, a work that Henry James declared "the closest approach we are likely to have to the Great American Novel. The novel moves across years of American history, from an ancestral crime condoned by Puritan theocracy to reconciliation and a new beginning in the bustling Jacksonian era. The transgression of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, the innate lawlessness of their bastard child Pearl, and the torturous jealousy of the husband Roger Chillingworth eventually erupt through the stern reserve of Puritan Boston.

The Scarlet Letter engages the moral and romantic imagination of readers who ponder the question of sexual freedom and its place in the social world.

house of seven gables author

Fanshawe is an engrossing apprentice work that Hawthorne published anonymously and later sought to suppress. The Blithedale Romance is a novel about the perils, which Hawthorne knew first-hand, of living in a utopian community. The utilitarian reformer Hollingsworth, the reticent narrator Miles Introduction aztec, the unearthly Priscilla, and the sensuous Zenobia purportedly modeled on Margaret Fuller act out a drama of love and rejection, idealism and chicanery, millennial hope and suicidal despair on an experimental commune in rural Massachusetts. Reading the Romance Author : Janice A. Among those who have disparaged romance reading are feminists, literary critics, and theorists of mass culture. They claim that romances enforce the woman reader's dependence on men and house of seven gables author of the repressive ideology purveyed by popular culture.

house of seven gables author

Radway questions such claims, arguing that critical attention "must shift from the text itself, taken in isolation, to the complex social event of reading. Radway's provocative approach combines reader-response criticism with anthropology and feminist psychology. Asking readers themselves to explore their reading motives, habits, and rewards, she conducted interviews in a midwestern town with forty-two romance readers whom she met through Dorothy Evans, a chain bookstore employee who has earned a reputation as an expert on romantic fiction.

Evans defends her customers' choice of entertainment; reading romances, she tells Radway, is no more harmful than watching sports on television. Indeed, Radway found that while the women she studied devote themselves to nurturing their families, these wives and mothers receive insufficient devotion or nurturance off return. house of seven gables author

house of seven gables author

In romances the women find not only escape from the demanding and often tiresome routines of their lives but also a hero who supplies the tenderness and admiring attention that they have learned not to expect. The heroines admired by Radway's group defy the expected stereotypes; they are strong, independent, and intelligent.

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That such characters often find themselves to be victims of male aggression and almost always resi. Popular Books. Ocean Prey by John Sandford. The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. The Devil's Hand by Jack Carr.]

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