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EXPRESS PARK MEADOWS MALL 5 days ago · Sandra Archibald: Children Did Die at Sandy Hook. Sandra Archibald: Children Did Die at Sandy Hook Tap News / Weaver. April 13, “The school shooting was not just a pre-planned event and therefore a hoax on its foundation, but also a mass ritual sacrifice of innocents in which most of the participating Sandy Hook parents of victims willingly offered up their own children or were assigned. 1 day ago · chapter five: germany, adolf hitler, and national socialism July 19, Radio Shows In the study of the whole historical movement of the White Race struggling to free itself from under the heel of Jewish tyranny, the name of Adolf Hitler shines forth as the brightest meteor to flash through the heavens since the beginning of history. Part I. One of the problems with analyzing the “HJ/Flakhelfer-Generation” and their postwar outcomes is that the numbers of German youth involved in either the Hitler Jugend (HJ) or Bund deutscher Mädel (BDM) was quite vast. In , for example, of the million Germans aged , some million were enrolled in both the HJ and BDM.
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How did hitler use propaganda to maintain power how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power.

Part 1 of a series examining the Satanic ritual sacrifice aspects of the pre-planned Sandy Hook school massacre that makes it both a fake and real event.

how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power

This, of course, makes the school shooting at Sandy Hook both fake and real — a recipe hoe is often deployed for contrived terror attacks by the criminal elite and their complicit stooges found in all facets of media, government, corporate, legal, medical and financial hegemony in this country and beyond. Some of the children, I believe, were bred by participating parents about seven years prior to the event for the specific purpose of sacrifice at the Sandy Hook massacre.

Click children for sacrifice is nothing new to the Luciferian elite and those under their control in the vast Illuminati structure whose tentacles even propqganda down to the local level through masonic and other front organizations used for mob-like criminality and Satanic activity. Such Sandy Hook parents how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power conceived children solely for the planned school massacre are involved in lucrative, long-term contract agreements to play a lifetime role and are likely practicing Satanists as well.

These are the ones we see endlessly paraded out in front of the media during big White House and Congressional events focused on anti-gun legislation, not to mention big magazine spreads, red-carpet book release events, and talk-show appearances on Oprah and Dr. Mark Barden commanding the podium at a White House press conference following the shooting. Jimmy Greene back, center.

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Joe Biden stands next to Jackie Barden and her remaining children. Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Lewis, is pictured back, far left. Mark Barden is apparently a close buddy and telephone pal with President Joe Biden and made his third trip to the While House last week to help with yet another White House push to confiscate guns in America. The dualistic hoax aspect of Sandy Hook is insidious because while I believe about two-thirds of the how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power had complicit parents in the planned event, the remaining one-third of the child victims had parents with no prior knowledge or participatory role in any deception or offering up of their children for sacrifice.

One such parent who I believe was interviewed and invited to Congressional events in order to exploit his genuine grief was Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Lewis. Neil is a construction worker from Shelton, Conn.

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In this CNN interview of Neil Heslin a few days after the shooting it is apparent that he is one of only a few of the parents that showed a real broken heart. I certainly do not have expert analysis skills in regards to lying, but every ounce of my parental intuition tells me Neil Heslin is and potency act acting. He really is torn apart with grief over the loss of his son, and I believe he had no idea a slaughter of children was planned for Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of Scarlett Lewis left with Maria Shriver for one of many press events and interviews for her memoir which is currently in production for a TV movie about her how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power and recovery from losing her 6-year-old son at Sandy Hook.

Every ounce of maternal instinct as well as research into her activities and appearances after the shooting tell me this woman knew the plan and was okay with her six-year-old son Jesse being sacrificed in this occult mass ritual sacrifice. Scarlett, a Boston University graduate with a B. Her older son JT Lewis who has a different father than his deceased brother Jesse, entered Connecticut politics in and ran for state senate as a Republican. JT and his mother Scarlett were invited to the White House in by Donald Trump for a round table discussion on school safety. Yes, you heard correct. A movie about the mother Scarlett Lewis and her life after the shooting, not about her 6-year-old son Jesse Lewis who was killed.

how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power

The Sandy Hook mother examples foreshadowing still lives in the same modest home on a little farm just down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary School starter her career with her communications degree from BU in Greenwich, Conn. She then worked as a municipal bond trader and investment banker for Llama Company in the Midwest before going to NYC to work for black box trading system OptiMark. I believe Scarlett Lewis is one of the most abhorrent characters in the Sandy Hook massacre and I also believe she is a practicing Satanist who openly mocks Christians and Jesus in interviews.

Scarlett Lewis frequently has Christian crosses displayed in interviews, or Jesus paraphernalia as with the candle shown in above photo. This type of mockery of Christ and Christians in how did hitler use propaganda to maintain power and entertainment is typical practice of the Luciferian elite and followers. In another example of mocking Jesus, a New Haven Register article published a month after the shooting quotes Scarlett Lewis as saying the following in regards to a prayer she claims to have made every night while tucking her son Jesse into bed:. Given all of the above information about Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, it is my belief that far prior to the Sandy Hook event, Scarlett Lewis started a relationship with Neil Heslin for the sole purpose of conceiving read article child to be sacrificed in the planned Satanic ritual massacre at the school and that the father Neil Heslin had no idea he was being used essentially as a sperm donor nor did he know the planned fate for his son in Here is an 11 point summary of the big picture and some key here articles.

Western mass media, health professionals, organizations and governments world wide are complicit in the greatest ever public health crime against humanity.

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They should all be prosecuted and held accountable for their endless mass deception campaign. Read Article Here. Read article here. Another freedom of information request from the UK asked how many people have died from covid alone, not counting those who had other reasons for their death.]

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