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Many controversial events are censored from news coverage, preventing many Chinese citizens from knowing about the actions of their government, ia severely restricting the freedom of the press. Such measures inspired the policy's nickname, the " Great Firewall of China ". China's internet censorship is more comprehensive and sophisticated than any other country in the ingernet.

As of more than sixty online is the internet regulated had been created by the Government of China and implemented by provincial branches of state-owned ISPscompanies and organizations. Methods used to block websites and pages include DNS spoofingblocking access to IP addressesanalyzing and filtering URLspacket inspection, and resetting connections. Amnesty International notes that China has "the largest recorded number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world" [8] and Reporters Without Borders stated in and that "China is the world's biggest prison for netizens. The government has escalated its efforts to reduce coverage and commentary that is critical of the regime after a series of large is the internet regulated and anti-corruption protests, and in region of Xinjiang and Tibet which are subjected to terrorism.

is the internet regulated

Many of these protests as well as ethnic riots were organized or publicized using instant messaging services, chat rooms, and text messages. The political and ideological background of Internet is the internet regulated is considered to be one of Deng Xiaoping 's favorite sayings in the early s: "If you open a window for fresh air, you have to expect some flies to blow in.

Superseding the political ideologies of the Cultural Revolutionthe reform led China towards a market economy, opening it up to foreign investors. Nonetheless, the Chinese Communist Party CCP wished to protect its values and political ideas by "swatting flies" of other ideologies, [17] with a particular emphasis on suppressing movements that could potentially threaten the stability of the Country.

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The Internet first arrived in the country in Since its arrival and the gradual rise of availability, the Internet has become a common communication platform and an important tool for sharing information. Just as the Chinese government had expected, the number of internet users in China soared from nearly 0 percent inwhen the Internet was introduced, to is the internet regulated The first part of the project lasted eight years and was completed in The second part began in and ended in is the internet regulated The Golden Shield project was a database project in which the government could access the records of each citizen and connect China's security organizations.

The government had the power to delete any comments online that were considered harmful. On 6 Decembermembers in charge of the Golden Shield project came from 31 provinces and cities across China to participate in a four-day inaugural "Comprehensive Exhibition on Chinese Information System". According to Amnesty Internationalaround 30,—50, internet police have been employed by the Chinese government to enforce internet laws. continue reading

is the internet regulated

The Chinese government has described censorship as the method to prevent and eliminate "risks in the ideological field from the Internet". The government of China defends its right to censor the internet by claiming that this right extends from the country's own rules inside its borders. A white paper released in June reaffirmed the government's determination to govern the internet within its borders under the jurisdiction of Chinese sovereignty.

is the internet regulated

The document states, "Laws and regulations prohibit the spread of information that contains content subverting state power, undermining national unity [or] infringing intwrnet national honor and interests. The Central Government of China started its internet censorship with three regulations. It was formally announced on 1 Februaryand updated again on 20 May It was issued on 18 February by the State Council to give the responsibility of Reuglated security protection to the Ministry of Public Security.

The regulation defined "harmful information" and "harmful activities" regarding internet usage. No unit or individual may use the Internet to create, replicate, retrieve, or transmit the following kinds of information:. China-based websites cannot link to overseas news websites or distribute news from overseas media without separate approval. Only "licensed is the internet regulated publishers" have the authority to deliver news online. These sites must obtain approval from state information offices and the State Council Information Agency.]

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