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Italian invasion of ethiopia

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Italian invasion of Ethiopia (1935-1936) italian invasion of ethiopia

The claims of Italy over Libya dated back to verbal discussions after the Congress of Berlinin which France and Great Britain had agreed for the occupation of Tunisia and Cyprus respectively, both part of the then ailing Ottoman Empire.

iinvasion When Italian diplomats hinted about a possible opposition of their government, the French replied that Tripoli would have been a counterpart for Italian invasion of ethiopia. In Italy and France had signed a secret treaty which accorded freedom of intervention in Tripolitania and Morocco. However, the Italian government did little to put in practice the opportunity, and knowledge of the Libyan territory and resources remained scarce in the following years.

The Italian press began a massive lobbying campaign in favour of an invasion of Libya, at the end of March It was fancifully depicted as rich of minerals, full of water, and defended by only 4, Ottoman troops.

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Also the population was considered hostile to the Ottoman Empire and friendly to the Italians. The future invasion was described as little more than a "military walk". The Italian government showed initially hesitant, but in the summer the preparations for the invasion were finally carried out, and Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti began to ethio;ia the other European major powers about their reactions of a italian invasion of ethiopia invasion of Libya. The Socialist party had strong influence over the public opinion. However, it was in opposition and also divided on the issue.

italian invasion of ethiopia

It acted ineffectively against the military intervention. The CUP, through the Austrian intermediation, replied with the proposal of handing over control over Libya without warring, maintaining a merely see more Ottoman suzerainty. This suggestion was comparable to the situation in Egyptwhich was under formal Ottoman suzerainty, but was actually controlled by the United Kingdom. Giolitti refused, and war was declared on September 29, italian invasion of ethiopia In spite of the time it had had to prepare the invasion, the Italian Army was partially prepared when the war broke out, mainly because of some opposition to the war in Italy imvasion from Benito Mussolinithen a socialist.

italian invasion of ethiopia

These initial plans were amended to increase Italian troop strength toand include biplanes in the invasion force. Facing this force were 4, Ottoman regulars with a mixture of antiquated guns, rifles and artillery.]

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