Lack of exercise obesity -

Lack of exercise obesity lack of exercise obesity

Disorders such as obesity and anorexia are derived from a lack of nutrition and exercise. What you consume as a teenager effects your health and appearance when you reach adulthood.

lack of exercise obesity

Let is thus important to follow a dietary plan daily of protein,having servings of meat,poultry,eggs,nuts and fish with servings of milk and dairy products. Vitamins are very important for the growth and entertainment of our bodies. We should have up to servings of vegetables such as leafy, green vegetables with servings of fruit such as citrus fruit.

Physical Effects of Poor Nutrition

Carbohydrates are essential in our diets because they provide sustained energy release. Fats and sweets such as chocolates should be eaten sparingly. Water is a fundamental in our diet and glasses of water should be drunk to clean out toxins and avoid dehydration. Exercise is very important as well.

lack of exercise obesity

One should physically exercise boesity at least 1 hour daily to avoid obesity and be at your optimum best everyday. Order your assignment! Talking about problems is also essential to avoid stress-related disorders or illnesses thus maintaining your mental well-being. Always your hands before and after eating,going to the toilet,playing outside and after doing most activities as this is essential to fight bacteria.

Foods must be washed as well.

Physical inactivity risky

Medical experts such as dentists,doctors and specialists should be visited annually so that teenagers can have a full-body analysis to ensure that they are healthy. Following this procedure to a health lifestyle will ensure you a healthy,prosperous adulthood. Skip to content Words: Previous Post Marketing Objectives Assignment. Next Obesjty Integrated marketing Assignment.]

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