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Religion in Europe has been a major influence on today's society, art , culture , philosophy and law. The largest religion in Europe is Christianity , [1] but irreligion and practical secularisation are strong. Ancient European religions included veneration for deities such as Zeus. Modern revival movements of these religions include Heathenism , Rodnovery , Romuva , Druidry , Wicca , and others. Smaller religions include the Dharmic religions , Judaism , and some East Asian religions , which are found in their largest groups in Britain , France , and Kalmykia. Little is known about the prehistoric religion of Neolithic Europe. Bronze and Iron Age religion in Europe as elsewhere was predominantly polytheistic Ancient Greek religion , Ancient Roman religion , Basque mythology , Finnish paganism , Celtic polytheism , Germanic paganism , etc. largest religion in europe Largest religion in europe

It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland across from Finlandto the west by the Baltic Sea across from Swedento the south by Latviaand to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia.

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The territory of Estonia consists of the mainland and of 2, islands on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, [14] covering a total laargest of 45, km 2 17, sq miand is influenced by a humid continental climate. Tallinnthe capital of Estonia, and Tartu are the largest cities and urban areas in the country.

The official language of largest religion in europe country, Estonianis the second-most-spoken Finnic language. The territory of Estonia has been inhabited since at least 9, BC. Ancient Estonians became some of the last European pagans to adopt Christianity following the Livonian Crusade in the 13th century. This culminated in independence from Russia in after a brief War of Independence im the end of World War Iwhere Estonians, led by General Laidonerhad to fight for their newborn freedom.

Initially democratic prior to the Great DepressionEstonia experienced authoritarian rule from during the Era of Silence. After the loss of its de facto independence for the Soviet Union, Estonia's de jure state continuity was preserved by diplomatic lotus eaters tennyson the and the government-in-exile. Inafter the peaceful Singing Revolutionthe de facto independence was restored on 20 August Estonia is a developed countrywith a high-income advanced economy ; ranking very high largest religion in europe the Human Development Index.

largest religion in europe

The sovereign state is a democratic unitary parliamentary republic divided into fifteen counties. It has a population of 1.

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Some historians believe he was directly referring to Balts i. Human settlement in Estonia became possible 13, to 11, years ago, when the ice from the last glacial era melted.

largest religion in europe

According to radiocarbon datingit was settled around 11, years ago. The earliest human habitation during the Mesolithic period is connected to the Kunda culturenamed after the town of Kunda in northern Estonia. At that time the country was covered with forests, and people lived in semi-nomadic communities near bodies of water.

Subsistence largest religion in europe consisted of hunting, gathering and fishing. The Bronze Age started around BC, and saw the establishment of the first hill fort settlements. Source middle Iron Age produced threats appearing from different directions. Several Scandinavian sagas referred to major confrontations with Estonians, notably when "Estonian Vikings" defeated and killed the Swedish king Ingvar.

In Europw the Wise defeated Estonians and established a fort in modern-day Tartu. This foothold lasted until an Estonian tribe, the Sosols, destroyed it herefollowed by their raid on Pskov. Estonia could be divided into two main cultural areas. The coastal areas of Northern and Western Estonia had close overseas contacts with Scandinavia and Finlandwhile inland Southern Estonia had more contacts with Balts and Pskov.]

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