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Lev vygotsky social learning

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Vygotsky's Theory of Cognitive Development in Social Relationships lev vygotsky social learning.

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This is part 16 in a series of articles examining education in the United States. Once upon a time, education meant learning how to read, write, do math, and think. It meant learning history and science as well. That is barely happening now, as government data show. Perhaps more importantly, once upon a time, school children all over the nation also learned the Ten Commandments—do not murder, do not lie, do not steal, and so on.


In public schools see more the United States today, from pre-K through 12th grade and beyond, children are being subjected to what is seemingly just the latest educational fad—silly, perhaps, but no more harmful than anything else—at least on the surface. Generally they speak only in vague generalities using soothing language while dealing with the public. But then again, the food pellets that contain rat poison are fairly harmless, too—at least until the poison, which is just a trace component in the pellets, is digested by the intended victim. The way proponents explain it, SEL is simply lev vygotsky social learning to help children do well emotionally and succeed. A review by The Epoch Times of a wide range of SEL programs used across the United States found that all contain similar extremism, along with highly controversial teachings on sex, sexuality, gender, race, racism, class, economic liberty, family, marriage, and more.

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Interviews with educators and a review of their writings on the subject were also very revealing. In fact, in practice, SEL is frequently and explicitly used in public schools to instill certain attitudes and values in children that many parents, if not most, would find controversial at the very least. For example, public-school teachers in Florida, to comply with SEL mandates, were ordered to show lev vygotsky social learning number of videos to their middle school students. In the real world, Marxism has everywhere and always nurtured hatred, death, slavery, torture, starvation, shortages, political repression, religious persecution, and other evils. And, as U. One of those who spoke out against the SEL abuses taking place in her school, Jennifer McWilliams of Indiana, was lev vygotsky social learning fired for being too vocal about it.

When she began publicly speaking out about it on social media, she was fired for supposedly making the school look bad. Even a brief review of the funding and individuals behind SEL also reveals click here great deal about the agenda.

lev vygotsky social learning

Interestingly, Darling-Hammond had an opportunity to test out her educational quackery unimpeded in the Stanford New Schools. The results are now in: InStanford New Schools placed in the lowest-achieving 5 percent of schools in California, according to multiple reports.

lev vygotsky social learning

SEL was formally unveiled in the late s. However, the real history behind it goes way back to Lev Vygotsky, a Soviet psychologist who studied how to effectively brainwash children to become good communists. Interestingly, Vygotsky was a close colleague of Ivan Pavlov, the Soviet psychologist famous for his behavioral-conditioning experiments on dogs. Vygotsky had been inspired, in part, learnlng American psychologist and educational researcher E.]

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