Lupe fiasco and kanye west -

Lupe fiasco and kanye west

Lupe fiasco and kanye west Video

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Inboth Lupe Fiasco and Saigon released albums. While conscious hip hop dominated, its longtime star, Talib Kweli played his role in the background.

lupe fiasco and kanye west

Indeed a good year for socially conscious lyrics, Talib Kweli is planning on making a bigger year for the hip hop genre. With Mos Def now being known as Yasiin Bey, fans are looking forward to a reunion. Talib Kweli has yet to release any new music, but he has been making his media rounds. Talib Kweli would also talk about reuniting with Mos Def and his personal views on the film, Django Unchained. Watch the entire interview below: Share this:.]

lupe fiasco and kanye west

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