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Michael moore idiot nation essay Video

Video Lecture #10 9/19/20 Michael Moore \ michael moore idiot nation essay. Michael moore idiot nation essay

Cheats on everyone.

Ethical Dilemmas

Pretends to be charming and kind but truthfully screws many women at one time. Likes to work in environments where he can talk to many women at one time and they never interact. He is a sociopath who preys on women on FB and other social media. Lies about his education and life.

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Lies about friends and family. Ladies, beware. Run if you meet this one! Claims he was served divorce papers but left his family ten times and then the last time for almost a year.

Kwandayle Stafford – Michigan

Be careful. Return to previous page Home Blog Cheaters. Tags: KwandayleMichiganStafford. Share Post. Angelica Trapani — Connecticut. So this is Kristin Watts… I was friends with her at one time and our friendship ended due to the amount of drama this person Continue reading.

michael moore idiot nation essay

Only married for social status and money. Has been sleeping with me and friends since Someone needs to let Jason Whaley know Kim will screw anything. Like a good neighbor Kim Rider is there!

michael moore idiot nation essay

A few images she sent with Search Cheaters Search.]

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