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Speedway, Gibbs got his most recent hold-your-breath moment as Martin Truex Jr. Martin Truex Jr. Gibbs said his biggest fear is two of his drivers racing for the win, ending up taking each other out. Busch had led 87 laps in the race. Truex led eight and an agreement on previous restarts had seen the leader opt for the outside and be allowed to drop to the inside by the second-place driver. That agreement apparently ended prior to a restart on Lap of the scheduled lap race. Truex, the race leader, restarted on the inside but appeared to slip up and into Busch on the restart as the two cars rolled into Turn 1. I guess it just depends on how you race each other normally, what your relationship is. nerverecking.

April 16 Highlands boys varsity baseball starting season recap. April 16 Highlands softball Ladybirds defeat Turpin in nerve-racking nerverecking.

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Ryan Huber and Treiston Collins April 16, Treiston Collins. The Birds played came out on top with a final score of At the beginning of the game, Highlands took an early lead, scoring one run before the end of the second inning. Early on, the team struggled to hit the ball, but after the first few throws, they started to adjust. Nerverecking the season, the team has been nerverecking their hardest to make sure they perform well in each and every game.


They did just that in this game. From the beginning of the third to the end of the fifth inning, the girls managed three more runs as they took a lead. Turpin was one nerverecking the better teams they played this year, so Kennedy Baioni said nervdrecking team was really hyped up for this game. nerverecking

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A lot of things had gone on that were completely out of our control so we had to keep our determination strong. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Name required. Email Address required. Speak your mind. Highlands boys varsity nerverecking starting season recap.

Young Frankenstein Review. Nerverevking teachers at Highlands join nerverecking nest.


Birds soar over Ashland Blazer Tomcats to state championships. Birds tame another herd of Mustangs, head to Final Four.

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Submit Search. Treiston Collins The softball Birds finish nerverecking game against Turpin with a win. Jump to Comments. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email.]

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