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pneumocystis carinii aids Causes of mortality among HIV patients have become more diverse and deaths from AIDS-related diseases have continued to change over the years. Information concerning the causes of death were accessed through the medical records and copies of death certificates. Key words: HIV patients, retrospective, immune system, mortality. Effective antiretroviral therapy reduces HIV-related morbidity and mortality with marked improvement in the survival of HIV-positive persons.

Case of thrush and weakness after pregnancy

Causes of mortality among HIV positive persons have become more diverse and deaths from AIDS-related diseases have continued to change over the years Patella, Studies in the past have investigated factors that influence mortality among HIV positive individuals including highly active anti-retroviral therapy HAART treatment, late diagnosis and poverty Wajanga, Mortality is attached to late initiation of antiretroviral therapy when patients have advanced disease with increased risk of opportunistic infections and immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome Muller et al.

Pneumocystis carinii aids to World Health Organization, a person who is HIV positive can resume a high of life with treatment and that In1.

This equates to an estimated HIV prevalence of 4.

pneumocystis carinii aids

Tanzania has done well to control the HIV epidemic over the last decade despite the number of HIV-infected individuals. Scaling up access to antiretroviral treatment has helped Tanzania minimize the impact of the epidemic. Inwomen aged years were also twice as likely to be living with HIV than men of the same age. This study aimed at assessing various causes of mortality among HIV positive individuals admitted in Pneumocystis carinii aids Regional Referral Hospital medical wards from January to September, Morogoro is the capital of Morogoro region and is in the eastern part of Tanzania. Among the information found in the medical records and were used in this pneumocystis carinii aids were age, sex, HIV status and the cause of death.

Data were compiled, coded and analyzed using frequency statistics. Diagnosis criteria for opportunistic infections OIs Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia PCP and tuberculosis TB were diagnosed using chest radiograph chest X-rayCryptococcal meningitis was diagnosed using Cryptococcal antigen testing, toxoplasmosis was diagnosed using serologic testing and opportunistic diarrhea through stool analysis.

Az AIDS ún. mozaikszó, amely e fertőző betegség angol szavainak kezdőbetűiből tevődött össze.

Ethical clearance The permission to conduct this study was granted by St. Male HIV patients belonging to age groupshad the highest frequency of HIV infection while those in age groupshad the least frequency of HIV. Male HIV patients in the age group However, male HIV see more aged 2. Out of 49 female HIV patients who died due to P. This study found that out of 12 male HIV patients who died due to C. However, those in the age groups years, years, pneumocystis carinii aids recorded no mortality due to C. It was found that 19 female HIV patients died as a result of C. Thus, those in the age groups years Medical records showed that 16 female HIV patients died due to tuberculosis.

Pneumocystis carinii aids, female HIV patients belonging to the age group years recorded the highest mortality due to tuberculosis Table 4.]

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