Pros and cons of punishment -

Pros and cons of punishment

Pros and cons of punishment - that

The main cause in this camp was gas chambers. A gas chamber was a small chamber with poison pellets thrown in and that killed. Studies show that the Death Penalty can cause additional harm to the families. The death penalty can even cause the family to be traumatized by two deaths if the offender and the victim are related or friends. People can actually be traumatized because of a man named Carol Pickett, a minister who witnessed almost executions in Texas, attributed his severe health problems to the stress involved with executions. Steiner tells us that 70 percent of the domestic violence murders happen after the victim has gotten. When the clock stopped the dancers stopped moving like when a heart gives out. pros and cons of punishment

Those crimes that are declared to be punishable only by a death sentence are called the capital offence.

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Different countries have different categories of crime which may or may not be entitled to Capital Punishment or Death Penalty. The most common types of crime that are entitled to capital punishment are murder, mass murder, child rape, terrorism, espionage, aircraft hijacking, a war crime, genocide, drug dealing etc. One can argue that mistakes and wrong decision can be made by humans and should be forgiven, while the same thing can be counter-explained saying if such wrongdoings are not penalized and punished it might encourage others to do the same thing as an act of revenge or whatever.

pros and cons of punishment

While it remains an active topic of debate and controversy, there are points that speak for both sides. Here is a list of the pros of capital punishment or Death penalty.


Punishing the felons based on the committed crime deters ppunishment who is even distantly considering getting into it for whatever reasons it may be. Most of the countries have enforced capital punishment strictly to those crimes that are extreme in nature. Capital punishment in many cases has avoided or reduced the number of crimes because the outcome could result in a death penalty.

The fear of getting a death sentence deters people from getting involved in any form of criminal activities.

pros and cons of punishment

Seeking justice after being the victim of a crime is the only way to go about it. After all, the law enforcement authorities in all the countries work towards justice, peace and harmony of the people. Punishing the culprit is not only for the vengeance but for being fair and justified.

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The victims and their family can spend the rest of their life in peace without looking over the shoulder and there will be less risk of being the victim again. As the crime rate is always increasing, there are very few countries where prisons are not overcrowded.

pros and cons of punishment

Enforcing capital punishment would in a way reduce the number of incarcerated people in the prison thereby sending a message that there is zero-tolerance for horrific crimes. The extreme levels of criminal activities are something that is beyond rehabilitation.]

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