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Reason for chinese immigration to america

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Reason for chinese immigration to america - message

At this time China was at the center of the world economy as Americans and Europeans sought trade agreements with China to obtain lucrative Chinese goods. The Chinese population exploded from million in as a result of China's prosperity and by would reach million. The power of the Qing dynasty rapidly declined during the Opium Wars and China was exposed as a weak, backward and ineffective nation compared to the western countries. The population explosion led to a labor surplus and an inadequate food production. The situation was made worse by several disastrous famines. The poverty stricken peasants were subjected to high taxation levels administered by a corrupt government that fuelled peasant unrest and rebellion throughout the 's. The country became engulfed in Civil War as the Taiping Rebellion in south-eastern China lasted over 14 years lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers. The history of Chinese Immigration to America began during this turbulent period in the history of China. Why did people want to leave China and why did they want to move to America? reason for chinese immigration to america

Inthe first Chinese immigrants arrived in California and after a few years thousands more came. These jobs included laying the tracks for the Central Pacific Railroad. They reclaimed swamp land in the Sacramento click here, developed shrimp and abalone fisheries, and provided cheap labor when U. By the s, the economy downturned. This resulted in unemployment problems and led to politically motivated arguments against immigrants who would work for low wages. Due to this, the states began to pass immigration laws. The federal government also asserted its authority in controlling immigration by passing the first immigration law inspecifically targeting Chinese immigrants.

This act provided a year temporary prohibition on Chinese labor immigration.

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Federal law prohibited the entry of an ethnic working group on the premise that it endangered the good order of certain localities. The Chinese Exclusion Act of also placed new requirements on Chinese who had already entered the country.

reason for chinese immigration to america

If they left the United States, for any reason, they were required to obtain certifications to re-enter the country. Furthermore, Congress refused State and Federal courts the right to grant citizenship to Chinese resident immigrants while these courts still had the ability to deport them.

This was due to having a father that was already a citizen. Until the mids, women could not have a separate citizenship from their husbands or their parents.

A native-born woman could lose her citizenship by marrying a foreign national. Fortunately, back then, as it is currently, any person born in the U. Also, the children who were born of U. Therefore, any of the Chinese that could prove citizenship through their paternal lineage could not be denied entry to the United States. The Chinese Exclusion Act of was initially supposed to last for a decade. However, it was extended and expanded.

reason for chinese immigration to america

Unfortunately, following the repeal, Chinese immigration control was consolidated to the reasonn Immigration Act that allowed only Chinese immigrants into the U. This also excluded classes of Chinese professionals and merchants. Bythis immigration quota system was abolished by the Immigration Act of The immigration act was also known as the Hart-Celler Act. It was passed by the 89th Congress and signed into law by President Lyndon B. This law abolished the National Origins Formula, which had been the primary basis for the U. The National Origins Formula was used between and It restricted immigration based on the existing proportions of the population.

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