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Schools should start later essay

Schools should start later essay - were mistaken

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Many children have experienced something similar to this atleast at one point in their lives. Infact, approximately million children aged 2 to 4 world wide 3 out of 4 experience violent discipline by their caregivers on regular basis.

schools should start later essay

Most of these children will later suffer from mental problems such as anxiety,depression and subsistence abuse, only to list a few. It is important to know what exactly corporal punishment is and what is included to consider it as corporal punishment.

schools should start later essay

It includes methods such as spanking,slapping,punching,pulling,hitting with an object and etc. Unfortunately yet not surprisingly, the use of corporal punishment on children is not that uncommon around the world,especially in the U. But what is sad is that this was nothing compared to other types of corporal punishment techniques that other cultures used around the world. The same method was used in some English schools were they were hit across their backside essqy hands. Even though, we took a schools should start later essay step on this issue, there is still more work to be done as there are still some nations and many parents approving of corporal punishment and some who still use corporal punishment on their children. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation. Children are very fragile, innocent and naive, they learn what they were taught or what they experienced, and read more grow from that, later expressing these things through their actions.

And Corporal punishment used on a wtart is a perfect example of that. Corporal punishment can legitimize violence for children, especially in their interpersonal schools should start later essay as children tend to embody the social relationships they experience.

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The social learning theory by Bandura, the view that people learn by experiencing others, also suggests that physical punishment permits children to learn aggressive behavior through modelling. S still uses corporal punishment as a means of disciplining their children. And this is only one of the long term effects of corporal punishment. Research has also shown that corporal punishment can lead to depression,personality disorders,anxiety and drug and alcohol abuse. From a government survey of 35, non institutionalized adults in the U. S, gathered between and ,almost 1, of the respondents, all over the age of 20 considered to have experienced some kind of physical punishment throughout their childhood. Nearly 20 of the people who remembered schools should start later essay physically punished has been depressed and 43 percent had abused alcohol at some point in their life.

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To give an even more detailed look into the life of a child that have experienced corporal punishment, here is the story of Kathy Darbyshire,42,of Columbus ,Ohio. Kathy was hit nearly everyday of her childhood by her parents, especially her father who would slap her with the back of his hand when he was angry.

She had constant nightmares and became so anxious that she could barely sleep. Her first suicide attempt came at age 7,when she stabbed herself with a butcher knife. She made several more attempts in the future years. As a child this is something schools should start later essay never want to experience but unfortunately most children who experienced corporal punishment have experienced more info is still experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses and in some extreme cases this can lead to suicide.

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In the end we put our future at risk as we physically punish our children for the sake of disciplining them, leading to a nation filled with depressed, anxious and scarred adults. Some parents argue that corporal punishment an effective way to get their kids to listen, and it is true that corporal punishment can work except the fact that it only stops the undesired action and makes the child compliant at that moment.

Not only does it work momentarily but in the long run, pain and fear can prevent kids from learning the lessons that the parents are trying to teach them, which is indeed counteractive. Others might also argue this web page corporal punishment such as spanking, hitting, are mild and ordinary and it is very different from physical abuse.

But research shows that suould forms of lager punishment are risk factors for more schools should start later essay forms of physical abuse.]

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