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Universidade de defensa : Universidad de Granada. Ano de defensa : Tipo : Tese. The ability to behave flexibility and in adaptation to the environment are among the repertoire of human skills. We are constantly exposed to numerous contexts and sources of information, to which we need to provide a suitable response. This set of skills, better known as cognitive control, allows us to navigate changing and challenging situations. The studies on control mechanisms agree on the importance of frontoparietal regions that implement adjustments in high demand scenarios, which have been jointly named as the Multiple Demand Network MD; Duncan, These regions contribute when it is necessary to prepare a task set proactive control as well as to provide responses at stimuli presentation reactive control, Braver, Further, Dosenbach et al. Social information processing

In your initial post, you will apply what you learned from each of the four articles, but for your initial posting you will discuss the findings and implications for just one of these articles. You will discuss the socual articles with peers in your peer postings so be sure to read them thoroughly.


The articles are assigned based on the first letter of your last name. Please see the list below to determine which of the articles you will focus on for your initial post based on the first letter of your last name:. It is recommended that you research articles in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library to support your assertions if the required articles do not provide sufficient information.

social information processing

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social information processing

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