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Susan Collins R-ME has been trying to publicly distance herself from President Donald Trump while she runs a difficult reelection campaign. But on her email list, Collins and her campaign have frequently turned to Fox News contributors and Trump advisers Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove for fundraising help. She has received scrutiny over her support for major Trump policies , including her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. According to a search of a Media Matters email account that receives fundraising solicitations, Gingrich has sent at least two fundraising emails for Collins. They include such solicitations as:. Those emails include such solicitations as:. Relatedly, two political groups affiliated with Rove -- American Crossroads and One Nation -- have been spending money to help Collins. The entire country is following her fundraising numbers and scrutinizing her every move. Susan gingrich

Nancy Pelosi dressed that morning in the colors of the suffragettes, in a white pantsuit and purple top. By the end of the day, she was certain that Hillary Clinton would make history by winning the White House, nearly susan gingrich century after women had won the right to vote.

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On the air, Pelosi projected nothing but positivity about what was going to happen. And we will pick up many seats in the House of Representatives. For the moment! When the returns were counted, susan gingrich new president would be real estate magnate and reality TV star Donald Trump.

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Like it or not, Pelosi would keep her standing as the most powerful woman in American political history for a while longer, and one whose personal plans, known only to her confidantes, had just been upended. She had intended to step back from susan gingrich office once Hillary was in the White House. That idea was instantly shelved. She was crushed that Hillary Clinton had lost. The two women had known each other since they met susan gingrich the Democratic National Convention inwhen Gingricu was chair of the San A woofin host committee and Clinton was the wife of the up-and-coming governor of Arkansas.

A ‘shy’ politician wary of the limelight

But over the years they had worked in concert on Democratic politics and policy, and Pelosi had long been an advocate for susan gingrich women in public office. They shared a certain kinship. Both women were trailblazers who had been attacked and caricatured by their critics. The Backstory: Pelosi's No. You've got to take it. InNancy Pelosi was delighted by the prospect of turning over the most-powerful-woman mantle to a President Hillary Clinton. At the time, few knew that Pelosi was making plans for the election to be her valedictory.

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gibgrich To be fair, some of those close to her questioned whether she susan gingrich would have followed through if Clinton had won. After three decades as a congresswoman from California, nearly half of that time as the leader of the House Democrats, Pelosi said she was getting ready to take a breath, dote on her nine grandchildren, perhaps write her memoirs. At seventy-six years old, she was well past the retirement age for almost every workplace except Susan gingrich

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