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Texas the lone star state

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By Judith Sebesta, Ph. Then, welcomes from leadership at host organization the University of Houston-Downtown, emphasized the power of open education to enable student success, setting the tone for the day, as did, a few hours later, the conference keynote address. Morning concurrent sessions included a workshop that echoed Dr. After the plenary, in additional concurrent sessions, OER practitioners shared exciting initiatives and best practices across the state. Finally, an eye-opening, honest, and inspiring panel of Houston-area postsecondary students and alums below , moderated by Dr.

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texas the lone star state texas the lone star state

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Day One: Why Open Education Matters Even More

And when it comes to the whopping 89 state parks in Texas, that means we have a little bit of everything! From mountain ranges to natural swimming pools to forests texaw beaches, the best state parks in Texas cover a wide variety of climates and topographies, while offering a huge variety of fun texas the lone star state to do. We designed this list of unique Texas state parks to show off the incredibly diverse beauty of the Lone Star State.

As the second-largest state in the USA, you can easily drive a full day before reaching some of these unique state parks! You can also search by metro area, by using our guides to sar best state parks near DallasHoustonAustinSan Antonioand Amarillo. While there is some debate about this, the true uniqueness of Caddo Lake is the story of how it was formed.

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It texas the lone star state out back around the 12th century; a few trees began to create a natural dam along the Red and Atchafalaya Rivers on the Louisiana and Texas borders. Of course, at that time, those state names were words to be formed in the future. The raft and the lake are one reason the Caddo Tribe flushed over hundreds of years in the area. What makes this TX state park special is the presence of the San Solomon Springs, which have served humans in the area for at least 11, years.

texas the lone star state

Come for a visit and instantly recognize why this place is unique to the area it serves. Texas has its share of swamp and low-lying areas surrounded by bayous, but almost all appear in deep East Texas.

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Palmetto State Park is a place that decided to be just like its cousins to the east but chose to live on its own terms. Found along the San Marcos River and east of New Braunfels, Palmetto is named after the dwarf palm trees that cover this select area. The park conjures a time http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/art-therapy-and-the-creative-process/movie-about-feral-child.php dinosaurs roamed the state, and it definitely adds a unique visit to the area it serves.

As the second-largest canyon in the country, Palo Duro Canyon makes up one of the best Texas state parks to visit.]

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