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To his coy mistress explanation - really

There's barely been time for the news to circulate through the family that Emily's killer is free and the convicted man innocent. But, by the end of Walker Season 1 Episode 9 , Walker thought he'd caught the killer again. The bad news is that Walker didn't get to kill Emily's murderer, which was the episode's whole point. Unless, of course, that blonde wasn't the killer, after all. Geri returned, and Walker bought her explanation about taking a bad loan so easily that I couldn't believe it. to his coy mistress explanation

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To His Coy Mistress Explained

This manuscript is a complete collection of commentaries to Liber AL vel Legis yet assembled. It is bound with love under will by Frater Zephyros in ev.

Andrew Marvell And A Summary of To His Coy Mistress

Please note that the comments — both Old and New — by the Master Therion are in plain type. Comments by Marcelo Motta are in italics and only in these sections. First comments are from the » Djeridensis Comment «. Those comments in italics in the Djeridensis Comment are Crowley's. Other comments I. In the first edition this Book is called L. L is the sacred letter in the Holy Twelve-fold Table which forms the triangle that stabilizes the Universe.

to his coy mistress explanation

L is the letter of Libra, Balance, and 'Justice' in the Taro. With regard to the above note by A. Compare II. In Nu is Had concealed; by Had is Nu manifested. Also Hoor, who combines the force of the Sun with that of Mars.

The Book of the Law

Adonai is yis Solar, but 65 is a number sacred to Mars. Or, counting NV 56, Had 10, we get 66, which is The theogony of our Law is entirely scientific, Nuit is Matter, Hadit is Motion, in their full physical sense. Our central Truth — beyond other philosophies — is that these two infinities cannot exist apart.

This last sentence was added because A. He is then the Sun, one point concentring Space, as also is any other star.

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Nu is also reflected in Naus, Ship, etc. But these identifications are all partial only, different facets of the Diamond Truth. We may neglect all these questions, and remain in the simplicity of this Her own Book. It is cosmographically, the conception of the two Ultimate Ideas; Space, and That which occupies Space.

to his coy mistress explanation

It will however appear later that these two ideas may be resolved into one, that of Matter; with Space, its 'Condition' or tk, included therein. This leaves the idea of 'Motion' for Hadit, whose interplay with Nuit makes the Universe. Time should perhaps be considered as a particular kind or dimension of Space.

to his coy mistress explanation

I see no reason, 19 years later, for receding from this view. Further, this verse cot to be taken with the next. The 'company of heaven' is Mankind, and its 'unveiling' is the assertion of the independent kjller of every man and every woman! Or of a woman, and initiate her.]

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