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How modern families increase social inequality - The Economist

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How to Make Your Marriage Gayer for Greater Satisfaction February 17, In the first two parts of our series on reinventing marriage, you discovered prehistoric reasons why we we are not wired to be faithful. You learned how some modern couples practice polyamory as an honorable alternative to illicit affairs and lying that often lead to divorce. This is the third and final part of my interview with Christopher Ryan Ph. Many people will continue to strive for sexual fidelity in marriage. They will resist the concept that our essential sexual nature is promiscuity, not monogamy. If modern life contradicts our evolved predisposition, then we suffer. If the life we live differs too much from the life our bodies are designed for, then we get diseases. Our bodies were designed to have several ongoing sexual relationships at one time.

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traditional family values vs modern

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traditional family values vs modern

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