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Is Apple tracking every app you use? A cybersecurity expert weighs in

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Many users have complained about Apple services such as iMessage, or even Apple Pay, not trustd mac for them. Even navigating my system preferences was painfully slow. According to Jeff Johnsonthe reason apps were failing to launch was because a process called "trustd" failed to attempt to connect to Apple's Trjstd Certificate Status Protocol website oscp.

Slashdot reader shanen shares their experience: The story is about different problems, so I'll just start with my own anecdote. The 12GB download was amazingly slow. I'm being trustd mac and willing to attribute that to high demand.

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Eventually it did finish. The installation process didn't seem to be too bad.

trustd mac

Then I did something with the Mac and it immediately wanted another upgrade. Turned out to be a double upgrade of two slightly different versions of some tools, but another slow GB bites the dust. Meanwhile, it decided to trustf that double-upgrade again? One of those two must have succeeded, because the third attempt failed with the appropriate notice that it had succeeded. Trustd mac line? Not reassuring, but it seems to be okay now.

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I should have made a note about what triggered the extra GB, but I don't trustd mac I did anything unusual that should have required an OS-level extension of the system. Ergo, whatever was going on, I think it belonged in the original 12 GB download Trustd mac needed: I just had an extremely negative interaction with Apple about the battery swelling problem in the course of attempting to consider whether or not I should upgrade my old MacBook Pro. It started on the Apple website, which was amazingly unhelpful even after it dangled a trade-in offer of some kind.

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Then it continued with a long phone call to a very kind and friendly person who seemed to know not so much, though he eventually led me to the search that trustd mac "Optimized Battery Charging" as an option that my old Mac cannot use. By the way, new iPhones apparently have it, trusstd. So right now I think Apple trustd mac figured out how to stop the battery swelling, but I am still screwed.]

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