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What is Freemasonry? It is excerpted from " The Confessions of Aleister Crowley ", pp. I collated the rituals and their secrets, much as I had done the religions of the world, with their magical and mystical bases. As in that case, I decided to neglect what it too often actually was. In the same was, I could not judge masonry by the fact that it had denounced the Concordat.

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33 \u0026 BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY Official Trailer (2017) Freemanson Documentary HD truth about freemasonry

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The latter aspect was strongly promoted by the Jewish atheist and blasphemer, Georg Brandes, with a diabolical influence on intelligentsia not only in Denmark, but all over Europe. But why that development? There have been many articles written about the Protocols truth about freemasonry the Learned Elders of Zion and how their strategy has succeeded in making mankind obsessed with Satan, truth about freemasonry about US Freemasonry being cities population tool with which the Rotschilds of the London City are making chaos out of the old world order in favor of their Communist New World Order dictatorship.

We have been inducted into the lowest ranks of a satanic cult based on Jewish Cabalism, the Illuminati Freemasonry. As you can imagine, this is insane.


Increasingly Western society is an open air mental asylum run by psychopaths. If you truth about freemasonry your cues from society, education, mass media you will become dysfunctional or insane. This is how a satanic cult controls and exploits its members — by making them sick while convincing them they are healthy. For example, what is healthy and freeemasonry e. Hollywood has warped our perception of sex and love from the beginning.

truth about freemasonry

The Illuminist denial of God is a rebellion that ultimately cannot be won. Satanic Influence The satanic influence against us is the product of a highly organized long-term conspiracy to establish a New World Order.

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Today, the cancer has spread to all social institutions, public and private, including schools, charities and the church. As a result, humanity has fallen into a coma, hardly able to recognize the sickness, let alone resist. Their control of most large corporations, especially media, and consequently politicians ensures that their cancer is all pervasive. Many politicians and celebrities have been seen making the truth about freemasonry of Baphomet The instrument of sbout secret control is Freemasonry, a Cabalist secret society.

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The Illuminati is a secret society within Freemasonry. Essentially people will rise in Freemasonry and society according to their willingness to serve Lucifer, and betray their community to the new Luciferian dispensation. Democracy is a charade.

All the politicians are Freemasons: Trump, Sanders, Clinton etc.]

truth about freemasonry

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