Truth and lies the murder of laci peterson -

Truth and lies the murder of laci peterson Video

Why Scott Peterson Could Be Freed From Prison truth and lies the murder of laci peterson Truth and lies the murder of laci peterson

A woman is abducted from a shop at night. Then, three more women disappear in shocking circumstances. Paula investigates. Laci Peterson, eight months pregnant, goes missing in Modesto, California, prompting a massive search and an intense police focus on her husband Scott. Lt Joe Kenda investigates a violent home invasion that left a young business owner bleeding to death on read more floor.

A brave woman risks her life to get justice when investigators struggle to crack the case of a teenager killed just steps from her home. In Atlanta, the gruesome rape and murder of two women in an abandoned house haunts investigators. A mother is stabbed to death and Gwinnett detectives must find her missing son who might be the only witness. After an explosion rocks a sleepy suburb, Lt Joe Kenda must identify a truth and lies the murder of laci peterson of charred remains and find the killer who triggered the blast.

Two brutal attacks strike fear into a Colorado city sending police on a desperate hunt for a hammer-wielding madman. Dan Abrams hosts as series two walks you through the most dramatic outbursts and extraordinary moments to ever take place in US courtrooms.

truth and lies the murder of laci peterson

Tragedy strikes in the courtroom when a gun ends up in the wrong hands. Meanwhile, a defendant turns on his attorney in a brutal attack, and someone bares all for the oaci. Gio Benitez hosts as this series reveals what it's like to be the victim of a sudden crime. A look at the horrific crimes of Angus Sinclair, who murdered two teenage girls in Edinburgh in October Dermot Murnaghan presents.

truth and lies the murder of laci peterson

For years, Carole Packman's daughter Sam thought her mum had walked out. But the truth emerged when she heard her dad had gone missing. Bludgeoned to death whilst walking down a country lane, the horrific murders of Lin and Megan Russell made worldwide news. Discover the events of that shocking day.

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On 6 Julysurveillance camera footage captured year-old Skylar Neese sneaking out of her bedroom window and getting into a car at am. This was the last time Skylar was seen alive. When the Stahls are found shot dead, their case leads the investigators down a dark path through a series of scandalous love triangles. A superstar petegson couple come under fire when a burnt corpse is discovered and a love triangle is revealed.

A young mother's final words could prove key to catching her killer when she's viciously and mysteriously stabbed in broad daylight. An elderly couple are living an idyllic life in a cosy home until a robbery changes everything and one of them is killed. Two grandparents are shot to death in their family Lt Joe Kenda's investigation kicks into high gear when his prime suspect flees for Mexico.]

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