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Conduct an informational interview with a human resource professional http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/benjamin-franklin-s-theory-of-life-and/capital-punishment-controversy.php which you explore the leadership side of human resources. Write a 4—5 page paper which outlines your informational interview with a human resource leader. You will also analyze how this advises you on your own perspectives of being an effective human resource leader. Your paper should be well organized and cover the following elements.

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As a human resource leader, I must make sure I am looking out for the team and the brand that we represent. One cannot represent the team and the company separately. We must hire individuals who are team players, as well as those who will represent the brand. I also o must show no biases when hiring, thus making the work environment a diverse and fulfilling work environment. I have to be able to make decision on hiring and firing indivuals based on the company needs in the present and future.

Differences in leadership and management are that mangers manage the front lines and leaderships works with the politics of the company.

what are the functions of human resources

Managers make sure the employees are doing their part in making the company successful. While leadership handles the budgets, public affairs, and longevity of the company. When approaching people and other organizations, we must consider their needs and desires. We want to help them while helping ourselves. If it does not benefit the company morally and financially, then we may not need to do business with them.

what are the functions of human resources

We also have to look within our company for ideas of organizations and what influences can and will affect the company. Our employees play a part in our consumer base, as they may tell their family members the pro and cons of the company.

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Realistically, the public opinion comes from employees of these companies and organizations. We can also do public surveys on what the community needs and how we can be of assistance in any way. My advice on being an effective leader is keeping in mind what job you have to do. The over4all longevity of the company is a anarcho-collectivism. Without a job we would not be here.

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And without the team of reliable and proficient employees, a company is not successful. A theory that leadership can utilize is the Contingency Theory. This theory expresses there is not a set of specific leadership styles. There are different variables within the work environment that call for certain leadership values.]

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