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What is normative social influence in psychology what is normative social influence in psychology

Types of social influence

Normative social influence is a type of social influence that leads to conformity. It is defined in social psychology as " Normative social influence involves a change in behaviour that is deemed necessary in order to fit in a particular group. In many cases, normative social influence serves to promote social cohesion.

When a majority of group members conform to social norms, the group generally becomes more stable. This stability translates into social cohesion, which allows group members to work together toward a common understanding, or "good," but also has the unintended impact of making the group members less individualistic.

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InSolomon Asch conducted his classic conformity experiments in an attempt to discover if people still conform when the right answer is obvious. Using accomplices to the plot, also known as confederates, Asch created the illusion that an entire group of participants believed something that was clearly false i. When in this situation, participants conformed over a third of the time on trials where the confederates gave blatantly false answers.

Asch's results cannot be explained by informational social influencebecause in this case, ls task was easy and the correct answer was obvious. Thus, http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/art-therapy-and-the-creative-process/annexation-of-the-philippines.php were not necessarily looking to others to figure out the right answer, as informational social influence predicts.

what is normative social influence in psychology

Instead, they were seeking acceptance and avoiding disapproval. Follow-up interviews with participants of the original Asch studies confirmed this.

what is normative social influence in psychology

When participants were asked why they conformed, many provided reasons other than a need for accuracy. In more current research, Schultz found that households article source received more normative messages describing the frequency and amount of weekly recycling began to have a direct impact on both the households' frequency and amount of their curbside recycling. The sudden change was due to the fact that "the other neighbors'" recycling habits had a direct normative effect on the household to change their recycling behaviors.

Similar results were apparent in another study in which researchers were able to increase household energy conservation through the use of normative messages.]

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