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What is Sharia Law? -Shiekh Yasir Qadhi

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Updated: 4 days ago When it comes to controversial titles, a publisher of psychology books is standing apart from the pack.

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But other mass publishers say they have already stopped selling those titles. And some say they are considering similar moves.

what is sharia law youtube

In response to rising concerns by some Muslim advocacy groups that Christian principles were youthbe undermined by books by Christian psychologists, Wiley has recently pulled more than a dozen titles from its mainstream psychology collection and replaced them with free online links that clarify some of the issues raised by the books. It is an unusual strategy that has drawn notice from religious scholars, civil liberties activists and legal advocates who see it as a recent anomaly.


But Wiley has a deep history in the psychology field, and one of its earliest authors, Alfred Kinsey, advocated some of the same controversial practices that the psychologists in question promote. We feel it is important for you to find books you can read at your own pace and make up your own mind. For just that reason, several publishers said they were considering pulling or rethinking titles that contain the anti-Sharia, pro-white, pro-Israel or pro-Christian themes expressed in the Kinsey books.

what is sharia law youtube

They also said they were thinking about pulling or rethinking titles that question marriage between Muslims and Jews or that promote stricter Muslim or Jewish inheritance laws. Other publishers said they would move cautiously when deciding whether to pull books. But I will tell you, the intent of that decision was to try to illuminate the moral issues raised by the works, which focus on what is the mainstream understanding of Islam, and not necessarily to promote one viewpoint over another.]

what is sharia law youtube

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