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A Fulani man, Abass Isa, sat on a mat in front of his rented apartment in the Sabo, Abeokuta, Ogun State, He faced some children who sat on the floor …. Read more on saharareporters. Two Yoruba groups on Saturday clashed over the demand for the creation of Oduduwa Republic from the present Nigerian state. While some leaders under …. But for Savage, how she expresses herself through lyrics is beyond the zeitgeist or popular conversation. The influence of Benin royal art is particularly apparent in Owo, a Yoruba kingdom that came under Benin control in the fifteenth century and again …. Share Like Flip. More stories from Yoruba. West Africa. Tiwa Savage. where is yoruba

A Fulani man, Abass Isa, sat on a mat in front of his rented apartment in the Sabo, Abeokuta, Ogun State, He faced some children who sat on the floor holding slates with Arabic inscriptions as he reeled out instructions to them.

where is yoruba

Unbothered about the unkempt environment where flies and dirt compete for attention, Isa called out some Arabic words which the young learners recited in loud voices. It was observed that the settlement affords Hausa and Fulani to mix freely with the Yoruba.

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The relationship indicates a blend of cultures and tribes without rancour. In the settlement, the dwellers who are mostly Hausa and Fulani eke out a living through where is yoruba driving of commercial cabs and motorcycles. They also sell roasted cow meat popularly called suya. Some of the Fulani women were seen engaging in trading in some things like some of the Yoruba women living near them.

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The dwellers ostensibly live together in peace and harmony. In recent times, many people in the South-West have been suspicious of the activities of Wherre in their domain. This is because some killer herders have unleashed terror in some Yoruba communities, maiming, kidnapping and killing. Many of the settlements located on the outskirts of the villages they reside were not different from the houses built by their Yoruba host. Their yoeuba were built with blocks and appear to be of the same structure as many of the houses built by their host dwellers.

Also, few cons and education sex pros retained their culture by living in huts close to bushes. Musa said his parents, though, Fulani knew nowhere else as their home apart from Abeokuta after spending 60 years in the gateway state before their death. At Papa Village in the Ewekoro Local Government Area of the state, the settlement was built with blocks and the area has many modern buildings. Besides, the Fulani and their host built houses near each other. The milieu where the buildings were erected was clean with different designs while uncompleted buildings also littered the area. Our correspondent noted that it would be difficult to know the difference between the Yoruba whre Fulani buildings because of the similar design despite slight differences.

However, in the Mawuko area, a slight difference was noticed in the Fulani buildings there. It was observed that the where is yoruba was in two folds; while one is of the old structure, the others are modern buildings. Where is yoruba old structures have huts and were surrounded by trees. They where is yoruba that their husbands were away at work in Kara a place where cows are sold.

where is yoruba

The huts which were scattered in a circle and surrounded by trees occupy a forest at Mawuko. They spoke to our correspondent in Yoruba but they were not fluent in the language. At Kara market, it was gathered that the Fulani have a new site at Abule Agbo, Ajonbo community in Mawuko, and one of them who where is yoruba not too busy offered to take our correspondent there. A visit to Abule Agbo showed that the place also has houses built with blocks and read article. Speaking with the Seriki Fulani of Where is yoruba Agbo, Umaru Abdulaih, he noted that modernisation made them relocate from their former settlement to new places and to build modern houses.

Abdulaih who claimed they migrated to the area about 35 years ago said they were living with their host like one family. He further said Fulani has different tribes. Similarly, the Seriki Fulani of Kara Paapa, Alhaji Ahmad Adam, said their tribe of Fulani is different from the ones alleged of abducting and killing innocent Nigerians.]

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