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Who invented the first electrochemical battery who invented the first electrochemical battery.

Who invented the first electrochemical battery - are not

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Alessandro Volta was an Italian scientist who is renowned for inventing the first electrical battery. Volta made several other contributions to science.

who invented the first electrochemical battery

Among batterj things, he invented improved versions of electrophorus and eudiomete r, and was the first to discover and isolate methane gas. Volta was made a count by Napoleon Bonaparte and the unit of electrical potential was named volt in his honor a few decades after his death.

Know more about the life and achievements of Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta through these 10 interesting facts.

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His family was of noble lineage but not wealthy. Filippo Volta was reckless with money.

who invented the first electrochemical battery

He died, when Alessandro was only seven, leaving his wife and seven surviving children in debt. Alessandro, together with his mother and two sisters, lived with an uncle, also named Alessandro Volta, who was archdeacon of the Como Cathedral.

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He was educated at home till he was 12 by his uncle. Volta then studied at the Benzi Royal Seminary in Como till he was Though Volta had been initially slow to grasp Italian, he developed a talent for languages and before he left school he had learned Latin, French, English and German. His family wanted him to be a lawyer but his interests lay in science. At the age of 18, Volta started exchanging correspondence about electricity with two leading physicists, Jean-Antoine Nollet in Paris and Giambatista Beccaria in Turin, invenyed advised him to learn more through experiments.

In who invented the first electrochemical battery, when Volta was 20, he started conducting experiments in the physics laboratory of his friend Giulio Cesare Gattonia wealthy man and keen natural philosopher.

who invented the first electrochemical battery

InVolta built a device to produce static electricity and named it electrophorus. He wrote a letter to leading English natural philosopher Joseph Priestley to find out whether the device was his invention. Priestly informed him that the first version of electrophorus had been already invented by Swedish physicist Johan Wilcke in However Volta did develop it independently, had built an improved version of the device, named it and later popularized it.


InVolta became the first person to isolate methane gas. He also found that a methane-air mixture could be exploded in a closed container ellectrochemical an electric spark. An electrically started chemical reaction who invented the first electrochemical battery this would later become the basis of the internal combustion engine. InVolta built an improved eudiometer better than any other in existence till then. Though the eudiometer was invented by Italian chemist Marsilio Landrianiit was truly pioneered by Volta. Volta used the device to test the amount of oxygen in air to determine how good it was for breathing, to analyze the flammability of gases and to demonstrate the chemical effects of electricity. Who invented the first electrochemical battery version of eudiometer was superior to others because it used hydrogen as the gas reacting with oxygen, giving a clean, reliable reaction.

InAlessandro Volta found that the electric potential V in a capacitor is directly proportional to its electric charge Q. Due to this important wno, the unit of electrical potential was named volt in his honor inmore than 50 years after the death of Volta. Other posthumous honors to Volta include Tempio Voltianoa museum dedicated to him in Como which was inaugurated in ; and his image being depicted on the Italian 10, lira note in In read more, he announced that this was a new form of electricity found in living fisrt and named it animal electricity. InVolta did experiments to measure the electrical effect of bringing different pairs of metals into contact.


He proceeded to list the metals in order of their electrode potentials thus producing the first electrochemical series. He also found that the electromotive force of thhe galvanic cell was proportional to the difference in the electrode potential of the two metals.

This was laid to rest in with the invention by Volta of voltaic pilethe first battery that could continuously provide an electrical current. Among other things, English scientists William Nicholson and Anthony Carlisle used voltaic pile to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen, thus discovering electrolysis and creating the field of electrochemistry ; and Cornish chemist Humphry Davy used it to discover an array of new elements.]

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