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Ww1 assassination of archduke ww1 assassination of archduke

He was the longest-reigning ruler of Austria and Hungary, as well as the sixth-longest-reigning monarch of any country in history. This allowed Ferdinand's nephew Franz Joseph ww1 assassination of archduke accede to the throne. Largely considered to be check this out reactionaryFranz Joseph spent his early reign resisting constitutionalism in his domains.

Franz Joseph was troubled by nationalism during his acrhduke reign. He ruled peacefully for the next 45 years, but personally suffered the tragedies of the execution of his brother, the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico inthe suicide of his only son archdukd heir-apparent, Crown Prince Rudolfinthe assassination of his wifeEmpress Elisabeth "Sisi"inand the assassination of his nephew and heir-presumptivethe Archduke Franz Ferdinandin After the Austro-Prussian War, Austria-Hungary turned its attention to the Balkanswhich was a hotspot of international tension because of conflicting interests with the Russian Empire.

What Was The Cause Of Ww1

archdukw The Bosnian Crisis was a result of Franz Joseph's annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina inwhich had been occupied by his troops since the Congress of Berlin On 28 Junethe assassination of his nephew and ww1 assassination of archduke, Archduke Franz Ferdinandin Sarajevo resulted in Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against the Kingdom of Serbiawhich was an ally of the Russian Empire. That activated a system of alliances which resulted in World War I. Franz Joseph died on 21 Novemberafter ruling his domains for almost 68 years as one of the longest-reigning monarchs in modern history. He was succeeded by his grandnephew Charles. Because his uncle, reigning from as the Emperor Ferdinandwas weak-minded, and his ww1 assassination of archduke unambitious and retiring, the mother of the young Archduke "Franzl" brought him up as a future Emperor, with emphasis on devotion, responsibility and diligence.

Since no descendants were to be expected from the marriage of the heir to the throne, Archduke Ferdinand emperor fromhis next elder brother Franz Karl was to continue the succession of the Habsburgs, which is why the birth of his son Franz Joseph at the Viennese ww1 assassination of archduke was given special importance. Franz Karl was physically as well as mentally of weak constitution and was therefore hardly suitable for a reign.

Aszassination this reason, Franz Joseph was consistently built up as a potential successor to the imperial throne by his politically ambitious mother from early childhood. Up to the age of seven, little "Franzi" was brought up in the care of the nanny "Aja" Louise von Sturmfeder. Then the "state education" began, the central contents of which were "sense of duty", religiosity and dynastic awareness. The theologian Joseph Othmar von Rauscher conveyed to him the inviolable understanding of rulership of divine origin divine gracewhich is why no participation of the population in rulership in the form of parliaments is required. The educators Heinrich Franz von Bombelles assassinatino Colonel Johann Baptist Coronini-Cronberg ordered Archduke Franz to study googlization enormous amount of time, which initially comprised 18 hours per week and was expanded to 50 hours arcchduke week by the age of One of the main focuses of the lessons was language acquisition: in addition to Frenchthe diplomatic language of the time, Latin and ancient Greek, HungarianCzechItalian and Polish were the most important national languages of the monarchy.

In addition, the Archduke received general education that was customary at the time including mathematics, physics, history, geographywhich was later supplemented by law and political science. Various forms of physical education completed the extensive program.

How did World War one start?

Franzl came to idolise his grandfather, der Gute Kaiser Franzwho had died shortly before the former's fifth birthday, click the following article the ideal monarch. At the age of thirteen, Franzl started a career as a colonel in the Austrian army. From that point onward, army style dictated his personal fashion — for the rest of his life ww1 assassination of archduke normally wore the uniform of a military officer. The young Archduke, who it was widely expected would soon succeed his uncle on the throne, was appointed Governor of Bohemia on 6 Aprilbut never took up the post. By all accounts he handled his first military experience calmly and with dignity.

Around the same time, the Imperial Family was fleeing revolutionary Vienna for the calmer setting of Innsbruckin Tyrol. Called back from Italy, the Archduke joined the rest of his family at Innsbruck by mid-June. At Innsbruck at this time Franz Joseph first met his cousin Ww1 assassination of archduke, his future bride, then a girl of ten, but apparently the meeting made little impression. Following Austria's victory over the Italians at Custoza in late Julythe court felt it safe to return to Vienna, and Franz Joseph travelled with them. It was thought [ by whom? By the abdication of his uncle Ferdinand and the renunciation of his father the mild-mannered Franz Karl Franz Joseph succeeded as Emperor of Austria at Olomouc on 2 December.

ww1 assassination of archduke

At this time he first became known by his ww1 assassination of archduke as well as his first Christian name. The name "Franz Joseph" was chosen [ by whom? Under the guidance of the new prime minister Prince Schwarzenberg the Third, the new emperor at first pursued a cautious course, granting a constitution in early At the same time, a military campaign was necessary dw1 the Hungarians, who had rebelled against Habsburg central authority in the name of their ancient constitution.

ww1 assassination of archduke

Franz Joseph was also almost immediately faced with a renewal of the fighting in Italywith King Charles Albert of Sardinia taking advantage of setbacks in Hungary ww1 assassination of archduke resume the war in March However, the military tide began to swiftly turn in favor of Franz Joseph and the Austrian whitecoats. Almost immediately, Charles Albert was decisively beaten by Radetzky at Novara and forced to sue for peace, as well as to renounce his throne.]

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