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The Great Gatsby is a novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

1920 american dream

Set in the Jazz Age on Long Islandthe novel depicts narrator Nick Carraway 's interactions with mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and Gatsby's obsession to reunite with his former lover, Daisy Buchanan. A youthful romance Fitzgerald had with socialite Ginevra Kingand the 1920 american dream parties he attended on Long Island's North Shore in inspired the novel. Following a move to the French Rivierahe completed a rough draft in He submitted the draft to editor Maxwell Perkinswho persuaded Fitzgerald to revise the work over the following winter.

1920 american dream

After his revisions, Fitzgerald was satisfied with the text, but remained ambivalent about the book's title and considered several alternatives. The final title he desired was Under the Red, White, and Blue.

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Painter Francis Cugat's final cover design impressed 1920 american dream who incorporated a visual element from the art into the novel. After its publication by Scribner's in AprilThe Great Gatsby received generally favorable reviews, although some literary critics believed it did not hold up to Fitzgerald's previous efforts and signaled the end of the author's literary achievements. Despite the warm critical reception, Gatsby was a commercial failure. The book sold fewer than 20, copies by October, and Fitzgerald's hopes of a monetary windfall from the novel were unrealized.

What Is The Theme Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

When the author died inhe believed himself to be a failure and his work forgotten. After his death, the novel faced a critical and scholarly re-examination amid World War II, and it soon became a core part of most American high school curricula and a focus of American popular culture. Numerous stage 1920 american dream film adaptations followed in the subsequent decades.]

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