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Christians and Muslims are widely spread across the globe commanding almost a half of global population. Some Christians, particularly among some Pentecostals view Muslims with distrust, apprehension and rivalry. In Nairobi, Kenya, features of mistrust, disharmony, and intolerance among Pentecostal churches toward Muslims have been witnessed and vice versa.

Christian-Muslim dialogue with particular reference to Pentecostals and Muslims in Nairobi, Kenya

Integrated Inclusivism Conceptual Model of interfaith dialogue is discussed showing how various areas of convergence and divergence work. Constructive Christian-Muslim dialogue should take into consideration integrated inclusivism ideals such as 4 rightly guided caliphs theological concepts and values, socio-political and economic dialogue and divergent theological concept.

Overarching interfaith hindrances should be reduced in order to talk to each other in a respectful way. In conclusion, interfaith dialogue is the solutions for effective dialogue between Muslims and Pentecostal Christians in Nairobi, Kenya. Key words: Christian-Muslim dialogue, christocentrism, divergent theological matters, integrated inclusivism conceptual model, interfaith dialogue, religious equality, Muslim umma, Pentecostal Christians, personal relationships, Religio-political interests, shura, socio-economic, socio-political and economic dialogue, socio-religious love, theological or reader presupposition. The basis for Christian-Muslim dialogue is that Christianity and Islam here geographically the most widespread world religions Bakari and Yahya, ; Arinze, Christianity includes different denominations such as mainline churches, Pentecostals, indigenous instituted churches among others.

Though there are no specific statistics on the exact numbers of each religious faith, it matters how each religion interact with each other. Pentecostal Christians cannot be ignored in the search for global peace if noticeable religious peace is to be realized. Again it is not possible to exactly tell the number of 4 rightly guided caliphs faith given there are no statistics given during census. The country has thousands registered denominations, mostly Pentecostal Churches.

4 rightly guided caliphs

Some mainline churches in Kenya and few Christian colleges have taken the initiative of promoting an objective study of Islam Guied, Knitter remarks that 4 rightly guided caliphs s, concerted efforts have been made through scholarship on understanding relationship between Christians and Muslims. Pentecostal colleges and churches are absent in such endeavors even if they form a significant numbers in Christian circles. Pentecostal Christians view Muslims as target of evangelism. Various religious differences among Christians and Muslims learn more here need among these adherents in both faiths to learn more about each other's faith and continue to improve their relationship.

Inter-faith dialogue is evident in Christian and Muslim theology Knitter, ; Miller and Mwakabana, Several passages in the Bible affirm that God is the source of all there is. This includes created being regardless of their religious order of global society Psalms The last three decades, mainline churches have shown rigutly concerted efforts towards a new understanding in inter-faith dialogue.

Concerns are raised on matters of enhancing Christian-Muslim dialogue among 4 rightly guided caliphs Christians and Muslims.

Islamic Civilization

It is true that Pentecostal churches are not enthusiastic in pursuing similar efforts made by mainline churches on interfaith relations. Sometimes scholars guived accused of not having an explicit guiding view among Pentecostal churches on how the Bible informs engagement in inter-faith dialogue. Indeed, based on various Biblical understanding, the urgency to share the gospel supersedes any form of interfaith dialogue. 4 rightly guided caliphs churches in Nairobi appear to underline that Muslims ought to be evangelized. Ironically, even some Muslim religious leaders in Nairobi appear to exhibit a strong reservation towards efforts of inter-faith dialogue Mutei, Subsequently, one wonders how Pentecostal churches can change their perception and responses towards Muslims and vice versa.

Christians and Muslims have been involved in inter-faith conflicts since the dawn of Islam. Inter-faith dialogue is a prerequisite to strengthen Christian and Muslim relationship.

4 rightly guided caliphs

This paper is timely because most of the interfaith forums between Christians and Muslims are propagated by the mainline churches, while the Pentecostal churches are absent. The study contributes to the enhancement of interfaith dialogue between Pentecostal Christians and Muslims. There is need to offer insights on varied interpretations of Biblical teachings on inter-faith dialogue by Pentecostal churches.

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Pentecostal and Muslim theological institutions need to incorporate courses related to inter-faith dialogue in the academic education. Christian-Muslim dialogue historical background We can find glimpse of religious dialogue during Prophet Muhammed and Caliphs tenure. Prophet Muhammed allowed Christians to worship in the same mosque as he did amid strong protestation from some Muslim adherents Papademetriou, The prophet was criticized by his followers for allowing Christians to worship in the mosque. But his response that mosques and churches are houses of God and one can worship in any serves as a calipha for interfaith 4 rightly guided caliphs Ayoub and Omar, ; Papademetriou, ]

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