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If you find that your thoughts are overrun with thoughts of rumination and regret, you must find a way to overcome them. Living your life feeling weighed down by those negative emotions is no way to live happily. It can hold you back and cause problems in all areas of your life. Positive affirmation can help you overcome feelings of regret and negative thoughts of the past. By overcoming, you can live a life full of happiness, joy, peace, positivity, and hope for the future. If you feel weighed down by regret , try using these positive affirmations to help. Using them in the morning will get you in the right mindset to get through the day. You can also use them randomly during the day to help you push away negative thoughts. Figure out which time of day works best for you, and begin making these positive affirmations a regular part of your routine.

Final Thoughts on Using Positive Affirmations to Defeat Rumination and Regret

I heard a song about the value of time, and looking back on life with only regret. Time for his family, nerverecking for his friends, time for a smile, time for a hug. His advice was to slow down, and enjoy what you have each day, because before you know it… it will be gone.

I know that time s by quickly.

a life of regret

Every day it seems to go by just a little bit faster. And, I guess we will all end up with a few regrets at the end of our life.

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I know I have a few, and there will probably be a few more as my life goes on. Of course there will be things in this life that are out of my control, that may or may not cause regret. I realize this. http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/i-want-to-cushion-the-shock-of/locke-vs-hobbes.php I think that by making good choices, I ljfe might be able to limit the number of regrets, and maybe even eliminate a few along the way.

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I want to smile, and enjoy the moments of every day, and hopefully not end up like that old guy in the song! Switch Editions? Channel: advice — Blessings through raindrops….

a life of regret

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