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Cities of Salt is a petrofiction novel by Abdul Rahman Munif.

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It was first published in Lebanon in and was immediately recognized as a major work of Arab literature. The novel, click the quintet of which it is the first volume, abrul the far-reaching effects of the discovery of huge reserves of oil abdul rahman munif a once-idyllic oasis somewhere on the Arabian peninsula.

When the waters come in, the first waves will dissolve the salt and reduce these great glass cities to dust.

abdul rahman munif

In antiquity, as you know, many cities simply disappeared. It is possible to foresee the downfall of cities that are inhuman.

abdul rahman munif

With no means of livelihood they won't survive. Abdul Rahman Munif was born in with a Saudi Arabia origin. He grew rahmann in Jordan under the influence of the British Empire. He was stripped of his Saudi citizenship for political reasons, namely his criticism on the royal family's use of oils. He earned a license in law from Baghdad and Cairo Universities, and his Ph. Cities of Saltabdul rahman munif is the first novel abdul rahman munif a trilogy other abbdul being the Trench and Variations on Night and Daywas written during his stay in France and originally published in Beirut in For more, please see Abdul Rahman Munif.

Petroleum and a logic of extraction figure is central in the making and breaking of community. Oil appeared to be a source of wealth from the outside whereas in reality, it "impoverished the Arab and hijacked his destiny". In the book, petrodollars perpetuate oppressions.

American companies are the ones that profit the most and read more they can lay off employees and settle the death of Mizban. The emir is able to imprison Mufaddi and form armies. Mapping this onto the larger real world, we have witnessed numerous conflicts fighting for oils: the Gulf War, the Oil Crisis, the Iraq War. Oil economy disincentives Arab nations to diversify their composition of economies. Manpower stands no chance against superior Western technologies.

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The increase abdul rahman munif productivity and wealth often comes with price of collapse of domestic industries and unemployment. In the novel, Akoub and Raji lost their job as truck drivers when faster and more efficient American trucks appear. People also feel amazed and ignorant when personally read more all the incredible Western inventions. For example, the emir becomes a curious little child when trying to figure out how the radios work. The abdul rahman munif of modern western cultures pose great challenges to the beliefs in the relatively isolated community. In the book, the "Satan's ship" is a boisterous American cruise that carried many blond American women in nudity.

Many Arab people deem this as a corruption of their soul, a psychological shock to the socially conservative and religious society, and something they can not easily forget.]

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