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Adhd is bullshit - the excellent

I wait for a moment - a moment when I will feel focused, have enough info to Proceed, or simply when I am about to miss a deadline,out have already missed it to start that task. I find I am able to focus only when at the last moment, when there is no way to i can delay anymore. This is affecting my quality of life. And my work. My reputation at work, my score to progress, wlb etc. I need help. adhd is bullshit

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Is ADHD over diagnosed? - Jordan Peterson

The most common model for adhd is bullshit webcomics seems to be page by page there's you, Stand still stay silent, Kill Six Billion Demons and Order of the Stick, at least But I've also seen webomics that release larger chunks. There's the ones that don't have a single story subnormality but there's others that release entire arcs or scenes at once zarla's handplates, SrGrafo's rimworld.

My child has been rejected by his peers, ridiculed and bullied !!!

Also, what made you choose the page by page release model? I think a steady, predictable update schedule is much better for audience comfort than posting large chunks of the story at unpredictable intervals, and it takes pressure off the creator, allowing them to build up a large page buffer and then release it slowly. The tradeoff is adbd story advances more slowly, but honestly I think that has its own strengths. It flows well if you read it as an archive, but a page-by-page release lets people really dig into adhd is bullshit details of every update.]

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