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Advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising - join

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Advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising - think

Mobile advertising is that campaign whose main objective is to launch actions or programs of advertising content and that allows users to get in greater contact with the target audience. One of the factors that characterizes this advertising model is that it is eminently interactive formats that are developed through through any technological device laptops, mobile phones, tablets or other technological instruments. Its application is very interesting for companies in the digital sector to communicate with their customers, suppliers or other social agents. To the point that it can become a powerful tool for attract a greater number of customers or simply to sell your products, services or items. From this general perspective, it is the opportune moment to verify the advantages and disadvantages of mobile advertising in an eCommerce or electronic commerce. Because it will depend on many factors, as we can see later. The benefits of mobile advertising in an eCommerce can be very effective if they are channeled through a well-defined commercial strategy. advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising Advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising

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The main advantages of PA6 nylon plastic materials: 1. High mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength. The specific tensile strength is higher than that of metal, and the specific compressive strength is comparable to that of metal, but its rigidity is not as good as that of metal. The tensile strength is close to the yield strength, more than twice as high as ABS.

The ability to absorb shock, stress and vibration is strong, and the impact strength is much higher than that of general plastics, and is better than acetal resin.

advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising

Outstanding fatigue resistance, the parts can maintain the original mechanical strength after repeated inflections. Common escalator handrails, new bicycle plastic rims and other occasions where periodic fatigue is extremely obvious, Nad is often used.

High softening point and heat resistance such as nylon 46, etc. After PA66 is reinforced with glass fiber, its heat distortion temperature can reach degrees or more.

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The surface adcantages smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and it is wear-resistant. It is self-lubricating when it is used as a movable mechanical component and has low noise. It can be used without lubricant when the friction is not too high; if lubricant is really needed to reduce friction or help heat dissipation, water, oil, grease, etc. As a result, it has a long service life as a transmission component.

advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising

Corrosion resistant, very resistant to alkalis and most salt solutions, also resistant to weak acids, engine oils, gasoline, aromatic compounds and general solvents, inert to aromatic compounds, but not resistant to strong acids and oxidants. It can resist the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weak base, etc.

advantages and disadvantages of alcohol advertising

It can be used as packaging material for lubricating oil and fuel. It is self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, and has good antibacterial and antifungal capabilities.


It has excellent electrical properties. Good electrical insulation. Nylon has a high volume resistance and high breakdown voltage.]

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