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Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. Agnes mcphail Macphail was the first woman elected to the House of Commons —40 and was one of the first two women elected to the Ontario legislature —45, — She was also the first female member of a Canadian delegation to agnes mcphail League of Nations.

Macphail was a founding member of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation the forerunner of the New Democratic Party. She was a noted pacifist and an advocate for prison reform. As a girl, she disliked housework and preferred helping her father tend the livestock. Macphail longed for a life outside farming. She was excited to pass her high school entrance exam at age However, her parents wanted her help on the farm. It took her two years to gain their permission for further education. After graduation, Macphail learn more here at a number of schools in Ontario and in Alberta.

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While in Sharon, she became increasingly active in the Ontario agricultural co-operative movement. Inthe UFO won a landslide victory in the Ontario provincial election.

agnes mcphail

Macphail was the only woman elected to Parliament inthe first federal election in which women had the right to vote. She served as Member of Parliament agnes mcphail the riding of Grey South East until defeated in the election.

agnes mcphail

Macphail had allies and admirers in the House of Commons. She also faced criticism from fellow MPs and journalists who opposed agnes mcphail stance on political and social issues. She entered politics to represent the farmers of her region.

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Throughout her political career, she also championed the rights of miners, immigrants, prisoners, women, and other marginalized groups. Macphail tirelessly worked for her rural constituents. She denounced the high tariffs that benefited agnes mcphail at the expense of farmers.]

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