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Albert einstein and technology

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The New Albert Einstein of Technology albert einstein and technology

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albert einstein and technology

Artificial Intelligence AI has been fundamental in various breakthroughs and discoveries. From medical to construction, restaurant to agriculture this technology has been assisting for better results and productivity.

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Alforithmic is an audio content production tdchnology. UneeQ is the digital human creator company. This was done to make the prototype sound as realistic as possible. There are still more than one flaws to iron out as well as tech challenges to overcome but overall we think this is a good way to show where this is moving to.

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This project will be able to provide its users with an opportunity to ask this Einstein AI practical questions. It will be able to give them a feeling as if they are interacting with the scientist in real life. The company Alforithmic said that they worked with a voice actor to do voice modelling for the chatbot.

Due to the poor quality of the recordings which were available and einsfein to by albert einstein and technology team of researchers and also the thick accent in which Albert Einstein used to speak, it was difficult for the development team to capture a solid frame of reference in order to understand how he must have techno,ogy sounded. The researchers then built a bot whose voice was not go here same but as close to reality as possible as the researchers assumed that the users of this bot will not worry much about albert einstein and technology accuracy of the voice while using it. In order to make it as real life like possible this bot will be able to communicate with the users using the same thick heavy German accent which Albert Einstein used to speak with.

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Along with that the bot will also accompany some elements of dry humour as well as friendliness which the scientist used to speak with. The researchers were successful in providing this Artificial Intelligence AI bot the ability to speak as if it is reflecting upon his own knowledge while interacting with the users.

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albert einstein and technology

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