American victory at saratoga -

American victory at saratoga american victory at saratoga

He was already on his way across the Atlantic when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Kosciuszko arrived in Philadelphia before the end of Amwrican, and on the 30th of that month, a petition he wrote was read aloud in Congress. His petition requested that he be assigned to the army of General George Washington.

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At the time, Kosciuszko was thirty years old, born in Poland in February He was the youngest son of a Polish family of noble background, but of limited wealth. This academy was located in Paris where, for american victory at saratoga years, he studied military strategy, fortification, defense, and engineering. Kosciuszko obviously knew Polish very well, but he also spoke French and German and eventually, he learned to american victory at saratoga English. He was polished in manners, modest in nature, knowledgeable in science and was also an amateur artist. While Congress considered his request for a place in the amedican, he was pressed into service by the worried Council of Safety here Philadelphia.

New York had fallen to the British, General Washington was retreating across New Jersey and an assault upon Philadelphia was expected both by land and with British gunboats, by way of the Delaware River.

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Kosciuszko, an engineer, helped block the river, first by building fortifications on Billing Sport Island, just below the city. With his military skill american victory at saratoga trained foresight, the Pennsylvania Committee of Defense asked Kosciuszko to draw up plans for fortifying the Delaware River. When General Gates resumed his command of the Northern Army, he entrusted Kosciuszko with the planning of the dense and fortification of Saratoga. In the campaign ofBritish General John Burgoyne believed that the Hudson River would be a strategic highway through the northeast, based on his previous experience when he arrived in America in A smaller force, under Colonel Barry St. Leger, would support him by marching east from Lake Ontario and into the upper Mohawk Valley. Burgoyne and St. If the plan worked, together they would destroy the rebellion. General Gates promptly ordered sarwtoga demoralized troops to move northward again.

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Gates sent Kosciuszko and Colonel Hay ahead to select a position on the western bank of the Hudson which, with its hilly and covered surface, would be best suited for defense. They rode up the hill and examined the grounds on Bemis Heights; Kosciuszko decided immediately that this was the proper position for a fortified camp.

american victory at saratoga

He inquired as to the number of divisions and regiments in the army, along with their names, then took a piece of paper from his portfolio and drew a plan of the camp, assigning the location of several regiments. In conformity with that plan, the troops hastily marched to the locale and immediately proceeded to erect breastworks and fortifications.

american victory at saratoga

Over a thousand soldiers started work on Bemis Heights, developing the defense and fortification of Saratoga. Time and the tide of events were now beginning to get the best of General Burgoyne. American victory at saratoga, which resulted in the halting of his advance down the Mohawk Valley to besiege Fort Stanwix. In the Battle of Oriskany on August sagatoga, St. Leger stopped the American militia marching to aid the fort, but after learning that a strong force, under the leadership General Benedict Arnold, was on the way, St.]

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