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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - BBC Africa Book Club americanah analysis. Americanah analysis

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Adichie challenges readers to see black women in America, specifically, as a americanah analysis group composed of vastly different sorts of people and experiences. Ifemelu is often uneasy with the restrictions placed on her, and she frequently attempts to move beyond the categories in which she finds herself. Purpose With the above in mind, write a thesis-driven research essay in which you compare how Ifemelu and another character of your choosing feel the effects of race, class and gender americanah analysis the United States. You should form a strong argument based on your research and your analysis of the novel and should sustain that argument throughout the paper. Remember: Essays should be focused on the novel—its events, characters, and language—and discussion of topics like race and class should be in service of that focus.

americanah analysis

Research You must incorporate three credible secondary sources at least one of which must be from xmericanah peer-reviewed link Sources found via search engine are not acceptable for the purposes of this assignment.

These sources must appear in your references page in proper APA format. Types of Sources: Your research will be a way of learning more about race, class, gender americanah analysis the immigrant experience.

americanah analysis

Choose a topic you would like to know more about and that you plan to address in your essay. Annotated Bibliography Prior to submitting your first draft, you will submit an annotated bibliography americanah analysis includes five potential research sources including at least two peer-reviewed sources.

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