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eypt Others refused to accept this sentiment and have suffered likewise. How do I know this; history shows the willing student how history is a prelude to the future.

Ancient Greece was the center of knowledge, but their people stopped learning history, and Rome came in while Greece was napping and took over the country lock, stock, and barrel. Then, over time, Rome stopped learning the lesson they had taught and was forced to relive their history when caught ancient egypt lifestyles others came in and ruined the Roman Empire.

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Ancient Egypt was a grand empire until Rome. More history leading to preludes of the future. Moving forward several centuries, and we see the rise of the Muslim Empire, suffering the same fate as those behind it when they too forgot their history. The repetition of history is both lifestyls and clearly written in the annals of history.

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When one stops learning their history, they become doomed to repeat that history, for history is ever a ancient egypt lifestyles to the future. Now, I am not a doom and gloom type, nor do I have grand aspirations of being a prophet or prognosticator. I am simply pointing out the truth and hoping others may join me in learning history to avoid repeating history.

ancient egypt lifestyles

What historical lessons do we need to learn? To answer this question, I beg you to indulge me for a moment. I have to ask a few more questions to answer this most pressing question.

ancient egypt lifestyles

What are you doing to support the family as the preeminent foundational stone of a sound and growing society? Are you willing to sacrifice worldly reputations, money, power, etc. Why did the sunset on the Egyptian Empire; they stopped believing ancient egypt lifestyles and supporting the nuclear family, and they failed.

Why is France struggling, Italy disappearing, Germany struggling, and the US and Japan all having such incredible problems; all have forgotten the nuclear family.]

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