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On my first day, in conversation with my tutor, Meredith Dewey, he used an unfamiliar word. The insult, I realised was in the implicit patronisation. I am certain Dewey meant no offence. Not very many people, 40 or more years on, dare publicly pronounce the word. That was verbal. One got over it. London was another fettle of kitsch. Yes, there were the same elements of race-based abusive words and the refusal by landlords to rent out their bed-sitters and bartenders refusing to serve you in pubs. There were assaults, certainly through racist motives, some serious, as the time in when a petrol bomb was thrown into the ground floor of the building where I had a flat on the second and had to leap out of the window of a burning building. The Tennysonians and Aristotelians were 90 per cent black with 10 per cent of white working-class boys.

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PHILOSOPHY - Race: Racial Ontology #3b (Sociohistorical Theories of Race) aristotle racism. Aristotle racism

Plato, however, is suspicious of his love whereas Aristotle embraces it. Because Plato sees philosophy and poetry at odds, at one point comparing poetry to wild Bacchanalian dancing, he reluctantly banishes poets from his ideal society. Aristotle racism can see how Plato responds to Homer by how he fears others will respond. Can there ever be?

aristotle racism

Think, then, Akhilleus: you need not be so pained racksm death. Better, I say, to break sod as a farm hand for some poor country man, on iron rations, than lord it over all the exhausted dead. Robert Fitzgerald Plato is concerned that this scene will cause young warriors to turn cowardly on the battlefield.

But could it be that the scene unnerves Plato because it affects him so deeply? Perhaps Homer so grips his mind aristotle racism he believes he himself would falter should his courage aristotle racism tested. Better to prevent young minds from encountering such scenes in the first place.

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In contrast, Aristotle embraces the intense emotions that literature unleashes in He see as a plus the fact that audiences experience an emotional purging or purification—a catharsis—when they witness a great play.

The more intense the catharsis, the greater the work. Catharis, Aristotle tells us, is brought about by a combination of pity and fear: we pity what the tragic hero is enduring and we fear aristotle racism the same could happen to us.


They were crying for themselves. While such weeping strikes Plato as unmanly, for Aristotle it aristotle racism a sign that tragedy is capturing our essential human sristotle. For him, poetry is not only inferior to philosophy but to the practical crafts as well. For read more, if as his theory of forms goesthere exists an ideal form of a chair that all chairs echo or descend from, then the poet sees neither that ideal form only God can see it, and possibly philosophersnor the imitation of the ideal manufactured by the aristotle racism maker. Two degrees of separation from truth, in other words.

aristotle racism

With his own focus on imitation, Aristotle contradicts his master. His contention that literature has a special grasp of universal truth has been echoed by many literary theorists since, among them Sir Philip Sidney, Samuel Aristotle racism, Percy Shelley, Marx and Engels, and W. Du Bois. Forget your personal prejudices, they tell artists, and just give rscism reality.

aristotle racism

I myself am in the second camp, viewing literature at least on a par with philosophy if not higher. As I see it, literary knowing combines virtual experience with reflection whereas philosophy specializes only in intellectual reflection. Poetry, Aristotle says, springs from our desire to raciwm, which in turns makes poetry a powerful teaching force: we desire instances of imitation to help us grow. First, the instinct of imitation is implanted in man from childhood, one difference between him and other animals being that he is the most imitative of living creatures, and through imitation learns his earliest lessons; and go here less universal is the pleasure felt in things imitated.

Different form of literature imitate different things. The aristptle trivial sort imitated the actions of meaner persons. We grieve when they aristotle racism but also aristotle racism away aristotle racism lessons. In the end, Aristotle has more faith than Plato in general audiences to make good choices when moved by literature.

We see the same divide today between liberals and conservatives. Both philosophers, however, regard literature as a potent force.]

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