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View Citing Opinions. CourtListener is a project of Free Law Project , a federally-recognized c 3 non-profit. We rely on donations for our financial security. Donate Now. Sign In Register. Filed: July 10th, Precedential Status: Precedential. Citations: F. Docket Number: arthur andersen enron

Describe what the company or industry actually decided to do. Based on your stakeholder analysis, critique what was actually done and provide your own recommendations.

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Explain how ethical issues are addressed. If it was a negative issue consider how this could event have been avoided?

arthur andersen enron

How can future events of a similar nature be avoided? Does the organization or industry need to conduct an assessment of its practices to determine which might be lacking from an ethical or CSR standpoint? If so, you should identify which of these specific practices need to be reviewed. If your research was detailed enough you may want to arthur andersen enron ehron will lead the investigating team and what documents or policies should be reviewed.

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Do any individual arthur andersen enron within the industry need to alert their own lawyers on this matter in case legal action flows from the event in question? Possibly the matter is more high-profile and one or more levels of government need to pass legislation to ensure that nothing of this nature happens again. Client Verified order Amazing writer, and it was done on time and amazing job. Testimonials Client Verified order Amazing writer, and it was done on time and amazing job.

arthur andersen enron

How do we measure happiness, individually and socially? April 19, What is the impact of fast pace technology on the performance of engineering industries April 19, Values and assumptions April 19, ]

arthur andersen enron

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