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Thousands of women protest anti-abortion laws in America - ITV News article against abortion Article against abortion

Governor article against abortion with former campaign staffer who accused her of sexual mistreatment CNN Almost a year after Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the Supreme Click liberals to cast the determinative vote to block a Louisiana abortion law, agxinst opinion in the case is causing deep divisions among lower court judges and lawyers.

Last June, Roberts, who had never voted against an abortion restriction, spelled out his thinking in a concurring opinionperhaps to bring clarity to lower courts dealing with the explosive issue.

article against abortion

Instead, that opinion has added to the tangle of cases and rulings article against abortion the country, some of which are now making their way up to the high court. As Republican-led states are moving at unprecedented clip to pass restrictive laws, lower court judges are disagreeing not only over what Roberts said, but on whether they are bound to follow his lead at all.]

article against abortion

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