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Join The Rosicrucians. I agree. I believe there are a lot of portals opening on the ley lines. The axis of the earth has shifted and the constellations are different in our area for this time of year. Since the planets have a control of the magnetic field. In Tennessee that is. If you wish to find Atlantis, unravel the imagery of the Titan Atlas, and read between the lines of the story of Demeter and Persephone. I just watched the first Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming QiQong lesson.

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But there are theories, and even some evidence, floating around that Atlantis was real, and it was Minoan.

atlantis theory

This intellectually atlantis theory technologically advanced civilization, with its electricity and sophisticated plumbing systems, was far ahead of any other ancient culture thriving during its time. Then, like a flash, it was gone, sunken at the bottom of some ocean in a catastrophic thheory. Like any great myth or legend, the question always exists: did Atlantis exist?

atlantis theory

And if so, where was it and who were they? And why is it relevant to ancient history?

atlantis theory

One very plausible theory is that the city of Atlantis was in fact the mysterious Minoan civilization, destroyed some 3, years ago in a devastating volcanic eruption that had effects reaching as far as the Orient. Located in the Aegean Sea, the island has atlantis theory the best known and one thsory the most visited of the Minoan sites.

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Some of the strongest arguments ztlantis favor of the Thera theory of Atlantis come from two dialogues written by Greek philosopher Plato. The main character, Solon, had traveled to Egypt, where he had learned of Atlantis from priests. Plato very much believed that the civilization of Atlantis existed. Atlantis theory here feel that he made the whole story up.

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theort In modern times, the theory that the island of Thera was actually the ancient civilization of Atlantis was fiercely upheld by Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos. Minoan archeological evidence points to the lack of weapons as well as atlantis theory depictions of warfare in its artwork, which was very common in Greek art. Like Atlantis, the Minoan culture ended in a cataclysmic way.]

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