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Unknown Citizen By W. Auden The Unknown Citizen is a satirical poem by the poet W. Auden in It is based on a regular citizen or a common man in a state controlled by the government.

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Auden in the poem describes a citizen for citize a monument has been erected as an example of a citizen with no faults. Auden in the poem critiques modern society and its functioning. He describes that the man had been found by different institutions to be a person who pays all citizne dues, belongs to a union who has no extreme views, is friendly with his co-workers, is hardly ever sick, is in good charge of his finances, does not hold any personal views on anything never supports war ferdinand ww1 is ready to give it all when called to fight a war, has the right number of children and o auden unknown citizen.

The sources of auden unknown citizen information are the statistics which do not reveal the happiness of a person. Auden tries to depict that in the totalitarian socialist state, there will be no utopia, the individual would be just a part of the crowd.

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Epitaph The epitaph is our initiation into the reading of the poem. The poet uses it to set the stage for action, that is to say, to explain to the readers that the poem is about to be very cifizen and Undo like in nature. The readers somewhat auden unknown citizen that perhaps it is a number to denote a person, but this lack of a proper name both gives a picture that the person has no unique persona and is perhaps a reference to the numerous tombs built of soldiers in the time for their participation and sacrifice in the war. This line makes the readers perceive that may be the unknown citizen has done a great deal for society.

Up till now, none of these deeds is revealed and this is what makes these lines very important to the readers; for until now, auden unknown citizen are assuming that hid deeds are heroic. Lines These lines are citozen of the effect un,nown a totalitarian state. The censorship and monitoring of the thoughts is to avoid any rebellion. Lines These lines are the ultimate climax of the poem.

He himself admits that the question is absurd, which is also a reference to the psyche which the wars and the totalitarian states have on the article source of the common people. Auden comments on the structure of the political socialist state which groups the people together and diminishes their individuality. The last line is the final critique of the modernist society, it is equally a sad and chilling reminder of the fact auden unknown citizen the humanist element is certainly lost in the state, for the government is relying on statistics to judge human emotions.]

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