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Beowulf: Old English heroic epic poem Story and Information

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Factors that make Beowulf an epic poem are that it is a book-length poem in verse, focuses on a single hero, includes battles or conflicts, reflects many aspects of its culture, is lofty in language, and features a tragic death. Beowulf is a heroic poem, considered the highest achievement of Old English literature and the earliest European vernacular epic. It deals with events of the early 6th century CE and is believed to have been composed between and To qualify as an epic poem, Beowulf reflects the values of the culture in which it was created. The Anglo-Saxon culture and the poem share many of the same values. They shared a heroic ideal that included loyalty, strength, courage, courtesy, and generosity. Beowulf shows ability and bravery, lasting fame, and caring out his royal duties; all these personality traits show that Beowulf is an epic hero. Author of beowulf epic poem author of beowulf epic poem author of beowulf epic poem

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author of beowulf epic poem

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Andrew B. Carnabuciauthor. Beowulf is the classic Old English heroic-elegiac poem, presented here in a new verse translation. The poem follows the rise and fall of its pkem hero on adventures in Denmark in his youth, and facing a dragon as the King of Geatland in his old age. This edition is fully annotated throughout, and includes a translator's preface and introduction, pedigree diagrams for the major royal houses, and a full bibliography.

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If you have never experienced the Anglo-Saxon world of savage violence, stark beauty, and deeply-felt sorrow--or if you are looking for a fresh new alliterative verse translation--you will find here one of the finest foundational epic poems of the English-speaking world. All rights reserved. First Name. Last Name.

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author of beowulf epic poem

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