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Really well. On Tuesday, the U. The seemingly alarming news came rapid-fire in the past few days. And the answers are obvious. No one in government, academia, or the pharmaceutical industry ever claimed any vaccine—to say nothing of the brand-new COVID vaccines—is percent effective. Literally no vaccine ever has been perfectly effective at preventing all infections.

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Bad Blood Author Carreyrou On Elizabeth Holmes And Theranos bad blood case study Bad blood case study

Covid The story of a pandemic What to read, watch and listen to about coronavirus New Scientist Weekly features updates and analysis on the latest developments in the covid pandemic.

bad blood case study

Our podcast sees expert journalists from the magazine discuss the biggest science stories to hit the headlines each week — from technology and space, to health and the environment. The Jump is a BBC radio 4 series exploring how viruses can cross from animals into humans to cause pandemics.


The first episode examines the origins of the covid pandemic. Race Against the Virus: Hunt for a Vaccine is a Channel 4 documentary which tells the story of the coronavirus pandemic through the eyes of the scientists on the frontline. The New York Times is assessing the progress in development bad blood case study potential drug treatments for covid, and ranking them for effectiveness and safety. Humans of COVID is a project highlighting the experiences of key vad on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus in the UK, through social media. Coronavirus, Explained on Netflix is a short documentary series examining the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts to fight it and ways to manage its mental health toll.

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The Rules of Contagion is about the new science of contagion and the surprising ways it shapes our lives and behaviour. The author, Adam Kucharski, etudy an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, and in the book he examines how diseases spread and why they stop.

bad blood case study

An estimated one in people in communities in England had covid in the week up to 10 April, down from about one in the previous week. It is the lowest prevalence rate recorded since the week up to 24 Septemberduring which an estimated one in people had covid Equivalent prevalence estimates for Scotland, Northern Bad blood case study and Wales were one inone in and one in people, respectively, during the week up to 10 April.

bad blood case study

A total of 77 cases of a new coronavirus variant first detected in India were recorded in the UK as of 14 April, according to Public Health England. The new variant, called B. More than Daily new case numbers in Germany are rapidly approaching those seen during the peak of its second wave in January.]

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