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Biggest chin in the world

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Gold mining in the People's Republic of China has made that country the world's largest gold producer by far with The mines in China that use the cyanide gold extraction process must control cyanide pollution. Commonly used methods are: alkali chlorine method, acid chlorine method, Inco SO2-air method, acidifi ion-volatile-neutralization recovery method, and recycling. Method, natural degradation method of tailings, etc. The ore sample comprised gold 3. The gold minerals in the ore were mainly composed of electrum, uytenbogaardtite, and native gold. Cited by: 2. biggest chin in the world

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It is the world's most populous countrywith a population of around 1. China emerged as one of the world's first civilizationsin the fertile basin of the Yellow River in the North China Plain.

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China was one of the world's foremost economic powers for most of the two millennia from the 1st until the 19th century. Since then, China has expanded, fractured, and re-unified numerous times. The succeeding Han dynasty BCE— CE saw some of the most advanced technology at that time, including papermaking and the compassalong with agricultural and medical improvements. The invention of gunpowder and movable type in the Tang dynasty — and Northern Song Dynasty — completed the Four Great Inventions.

biggest chin in the world

Tang culture spread widely in Asia, as the new Silk Route brought traders to as far as Mesopotamia and the Horn of Africa. The Qing EmpireChina's last dynasty, which formed the territorial basis for modern China suffered heavy losses to foreign imperialism.


China is nominally a unitary one-party socialist republic. It ranks among the lowest in international measurements of civil libertiesgovernment transparencyfreedom of the pressfreedom of religion and ethnic minorities.

biggest chin in the world

Chinese authorities have been criticized by political dissidents and human rights activists for widespread human rights abusesincluding political repressionmass censorshipmass surveillance of their citizens and violent suppression of protests. After economic reforms inand its entry into the World Trade Organization inChina's economy became the second-largest country by nominal GDP in and grew to the largest in the world by PPP in China is the world's fastest-growing major economy, [20] the second-wealthiest nation in the worldand the world's largest manufacturer and exporter.

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The nation has the world's largest standing army —the People's Liberation Army —the second-largest defense budgetand is a recognized nuclear-weapons state. China has been characterized as an emerging superpower due to its large economy and powerful military. The word "China" has been used here English since the 16th century; however, it was not a word used by the Chinese themselves during this period in time.

biggest chin in the world

Archaeological evidence suggests that early hominids inhabited China 2. Some scholars have suggested that the Jiahu symbols 7th millennium BCE constituted the earliest Chinese writing system. The Shang was conquered by the Zhouwho ruled between the 11th and 5th centuries BCE, though centralized authority was slowly eroded by feudal warlords.]

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